Bali Trip

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We went to Bali, Indonesia few weeks ago. It was a big family holiday trip and that was the main reason why ibu and I stayed in Penang at the first place. Abah only joined us few days before Raya Haji. It was really a wonderful vacation for 17 of my family members and it even more special since i rarely meet my cousins, uncles and aunties.

In Bali, we also celebrated Tokwan Ahmad 57th and Paklong 31st birthday. We visited few exciting places there. I had my first experience boating when we went to Pulau Turtle. It was awesome. The island was like a mini zoo where we were allowed to take pictures with animals such as turtle, snake and few types of birds.

We when to Bali Safari and Marine Park as well. It was superb. I could see a lot of animals and the best part they were really close to my eyes. My parents took a lot of picture of the animals and it will be my encyclopedia soon.

After that, we proceed to the fun site where for the 1st time i played in the pool. Its so scary so i cried most of the time. Hehe.. There were also other babies but they were so cool. Anak mat salleh, biasalahkan.

To go around the Bali island, we rent a scooter.  I could not remember how many times i fall asleep on it when we had a ride and that cause my parents to cancel their plan few times.

Thats all i can remember about my trip..a loooott of animals. I really thank God because we safely arrived home in Miri now despite all the booming issues. I hope that every single food that go into our mouths were Halal and i cant wait to go holiday again.


I'm Full

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I want to grow up to be a good son to abah and ibu. All these time, i'm very well mannered and not to forget handsome as well. I'm very rare to get sick because i have a very healthy lifestyle. :D That means i use my daily time very much to do physical and mental activities. I explore every inch of our house by myself, kicking ball with the help of my parents and enjoy weather forecast and ads on tv. When they read a book or recite Al-Quran, i will join them happily. I also have enough sleep and that make ibu enough rest daily. In short, i spend my valuable time to the fullest.

As i'm very healthy boy, i manage to gain weight every time we do a check up. Dr. Philip in Miri also fine with that. It became a big issue as i did not grow much physically compared to other kids. I only 7.4kg at 11 months check up while my birth weight was 2.9kg. Its not because i dont like to eat but i'm just full and very much in love with my ibu's delicious creamy milk. Besides, thats so much things that need my attention.

Very well. Here to whom it may concern. Dont worry very much about me and please dont compare me to other kiddos. I'm just as unique as my name :D . I dont want to walk yet simply because i like to be carry. Am i smart or what? I dont like to eat much just because i'm already full. i dont talk much because i have to do a lot of thinking all the time.

To ibu i love u so much. i'm so sorry for wasting your time preparing my food but instead i just eat two spoons of them. Please dont give up on me. I know one day i will love your handmade cook as abah always said you're very good cooker.


11 months to be

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Tomorrow i will become 11 months old. I'm still in Penang with ibu alone while abah went back to Miri. I wonder if ibu wanna celebrate it with me. I hope, she will prepare some special meal and give me a present. Hehehe.. She's really poor at cooking especially my meal but still nagged when i'm not finish them. If only i can tell her.

Living in Penang is quite ok for me. New enviroment for me to explore when no toys around. Really.. no toys at all. Only yesterday, i got new ball when i attend a birthday party of 2 little sisters, Nureen and Ayuni. They are aunty Amelia's daughters.

Yaa..remembering of their birthday, i wonder if i will have any. I'm still remember that my parents dun want to do it on my 1st birthday. They said i'm still a baby to enjoy it. But if only i can walk when i'm 1, maybe they will consider it again.

Our Family Smiling :D


Flying back to Penang

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Since Friday 13th my family and i ada di Penang. Kami sampai nearly 1am in the morning and tokwan and tok alang yg pick us up at airport. I'm still awake at that time. i only fall asleep during our flight from
Kuching-KL, just for a while. We did not take direct flight from Miri so that took us a total of 7 hours of travelling.

When we arrived at home, i'm still fully energetic while my parents were sleepy. Poorly me. They were fall asleep earlier that me and when i golek2 on the bed, suddenly i felt down...waaa waa :(( Only after the crying moments i can sleep well.


Genting 2008

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Ibu, hold tight. Its gonna be 'zaass' soon !!!

We're flying with elephant. Its so cool B-)

Waa..waa.. dun do this to me...
We did wax sculptured with Nazhan's feet.

Breastfeeding on the go

Let's hop on


Raya 2008 Snapshots

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Ibu kira geng sekali tak? Kira sedondon la ya. Baju raya terdesak terdesak..
Nazhan: Let me go..let me goooo..

If you want to take my picture, this is what u can get and its called spideyboy style seems like there a missing bolt & nut here Tuknek..but its ok..Nazhan is here to safe the day..

Gimme 'duit raya'. I want loads of it. muehehe


Goodbye Syawal

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It has been a month and today is the last day of Syawal. Goodbye and hope we'll meet again next year. Today I completed my puasa 6 but could not celebrate hari raya as others who completed it earlier. As time goes by, I could not find times to update this blog. Well pictures can tell us more stories and i'll be uploading more pics soon. It will cover our hari raya and holiday at Genting. Nite2 for now.


Ramadhan pe-el

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Dah masuk minggu ke-2 kita berpuasa. Alhamdulillah, so far ibu belum tinggal puasa lagi. Yeahh!!! InsyaAllah ibu dapat puasa penuh lagi tahun ini sebab ibu belum datang bulan since ibu exclusively breastfeeding you. B-).. Bangga bangga..

Ibu request abah untuk jemaah kat rumah aja sebab kalau abah p masjid and ibu solat terawih sorang2 tak terasa sangat kehangatan Ramadhannya. However, its not as easy as we thought. Sepanjang malam2 Ramadhan yg dah berlalu ni, hanya few times aja kami dapat terawih awal. Nazhan sekarang ni suka sangat tidur lewat. Kenapa entah.. Main sampai dah tak larat nak buka mata la, baru nak tidur. Kami pernah cuba solat waktu Nazhan belum tidur, end up hanya sempat solat Isyak. Lepas tu Nazhan dah meraung dengan overnya. Kalau Nazhan tidur awal pula, kadang2 kena berenti terawih after few rakaat bila Nazhan terjaga waktu solat nak susu.

Ibu and abah prefer solat awal sebab nak tunggu Nazhan tidur tu selalunya kami yg ngantuk dulu. Hehehe..Penat kot sebab siang puasa and ibu susah nk dapat tidur siang sebab time Nazhan tidur tu la ibu kena masak untuk berbuka.

Bila time sahur pula, ibu akan make sure ibu menyusu dulu sebelum turun supaya Nazhan tak terjaga waktu ibu and abah sahur. Berjaya jugak la plan ni. After menyusu ibu akan letak dlm playpen. Disebabkan selalu aja kami terjaga lewat, abah yg kena turun bawah reheat and prepare everything most of the times. Selamat la dapat suami yang rajin dan tak berkira.Thanks abang. Sayang abang...muah muah muah :X

Kadang2 ada jugak la Nazhan terjaga untuk join sahur. That part no problem at all. Yang tak bestnya bila Nazhan tak nak tidur balik bila terjaga time kami Subuh. Guling2 atas katil then tak puas hati jgk. Akhirnya ibu kena bawa Nazhan turun, abah continue tidur and Nazhan continue main di bawah sampai la siang. Ibu tidur ja kat bawah tu selepas make sure everything secure untuk Nazhan explore.

Ops..dah siang rupanya

Waktu Nazhan tidur sekarang pun time Maghrib. Kalau berjaya sampai ke pagi tu alhamdulillah la. Tapi jarang sekali. So, bila kita dapat invitation ke hotel untuk berbuka, memang tak dapat makan lama2. Belum puas memenuhkan perut lagi, Nazhan dah bg sign mengantuk. Memang nk ibu slim la Nazhan ni. Ibu ja yg tak sedar2. Hu hu..

Selain tu, ada perubahan lain jugak. Nazhan sekarang suka abah dukung. Elok2 main dgn ibu aja, nampak abah merengek-rengek nak didukung expecially bila kita di bilik tidur. Kalau main dengan abah, taknak yg lepak2 aja. Nak yg kena dukung or main dekat meja komputer. He he..abah pun layan aja la selagi mampu. Well, itu la yg org kata main dangan abah lain, dengan ibu lain. Perangai Nazhan pun lain bila dengan ibu aja or bila abah ada. Bagi ibu, Nazhan lebih cool dan senang dijaga bila siang compare dengan malam bila abah around. Anyway, you still my best buddy. kalau tak ada Nazhan boring siang ibu.

Tak berak la, abah. Jangan kacau la, Nazhan nak main ni

Thank you God for all the gifts.


Daily Trip

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We went to Brunei during Merdeka holiday. It was short and cold since it was totally a rainy trip. Brunei really reminded us to Mekah as most of the shops' signboards were written in Jawi. You was so great that day Nazhan. Maintain cool all the time.

In very short time, we managed to go to The Mall for lunch and window shopping, sightseeing at Kampung Air and Brunei Arts and Handicrafts Training Centre and performed jama' prayer at Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque.On the way back, we just drop by at Jerudong Park but unable to enter as the rain was still pouring down.

Ibu: Back there is the Kampung Air
Nazhan: This is my hand phone

Are we just staying in the car?.. :(

At Brunei Arts and Handicrafts Training Centre

At Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

Fountain at Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque


"I Love Your Blog" Gift

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This award come from K Ann. Thank you. I love your blog as well.



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Since last week Nazhan poops more than once a day. At the beginning, we assumed its because of his solid intake. Only after few days, we took him to paed. He said, its rotavirus. Ha :o. And he noted Nazhan for rota vaccine. He also added, the diarrhea have a lot of causes but i just want to earn more money.
After having hard times to get Nazhan to drink his medicine, he actually recovered during the weekend. He poop once a day back again. However, the happy story end on Monday when he poop more frequently.
So, on Wednesday we decided to bring him for 2nd opinion and for me as well since i got flu. This time, the doc said it is not rota virus and it will gone soon. It is diarrhea season in Miri right now. Maybe because of food poisoning. But Nazhan never have outside food before. We actually hard to get him to eat other than my milk. So, we have to watch for any dehydration signs since diarrhea become dangerous when it can cause dehydration.

Symptom for dehydration
-dry mouth
-sunken eyes
-more than 6 hours without wet diapers
-crying without tears
-kulit kurang anjal, bila tekan tak naik or lambat naik balik

Possibility of diarrhea when
-poop more often than usual with looser or more watery stool.

Also, dun hesitate to bring baby to doc whenever
-diarrhea for more than 24 hours (checked)
or diarrhea that comes with
-high fever
-blood in his stool or black stool



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My hp is back to normal again. Thank God. No more wet water color screen. I thought i step on it last time but maybe i accidentally drop water. I'm not sure which but it really back to normal and the good news is it make it more valuable that before. If previously we thought we lost rm90 for the repair cost but we can save on it now.

One more breaking news, believe it or not, we gonna sell our dell. Tonite is our last nite with it. We manage to sell it for rm3700 compare to its original price rm4490. Since abah really crazy towards apple now, he plan to charge our pc to mac. He also want to buy me an apple gadget. Since that i suggested him to sell the dell because i still can use the new gadget to go browsing.

Hope that kita dimurahkan rezeki and everything is accordingly to plan.



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Last week, ibu join aerobik anjuran HSE (Health and Safety Enviroment) department tempat abah kerja. Best sangat. Ibu memang suka bersosial cuma x ada orang nak bersosial dengan ibu. Huhu.. Lagipun lemak2 ibu dah bertambah degil. I really need exercise. Nak aerobik dalam rumah, segan la dengan Nazhan. Ibu xcute macam Nazhan. This week ada juga tapi since abah ke KL, so nobody boleh jaga Nazhan like last time. Abah bawa Nazhan jalan2 di KRP during that session. kesimpulannya xdapat la ibu memecahkan lemak2 yang terkumpul ini dan tak slim la ibu..

Nazhan dah boleh merangkak. Ada la dalam 4 tapak ke hadapan. Ibu ingatkan Nazhan memang nak by pass crawling. Terus nak jan jan jalan..rupanya just lambat aja. Tak kisahlah..Abah p KL kononnya nak belikan walker untuk Nazhan tapi x jadi beli since tak ada yang berkenan dan mahal2 belaka, plus abah malas nk usung sebab dia ada mission sendiri ke Lowyat. Still abah belikan handphone mainan utk Nazhan. Kenapa entah, you tak layan sangat dengan hp tu. So childish kot Nazhan kan. I'm a big boy now la abah. I just want the laptop so that i can beat you in programming lesson.

Yaahh...abah started to learn programming recently. His intention is to develop software for Mac. Hebatkan abah..Tabik spring sama dia. Toing toing toing..Sekarang ni, abah tengah kena penangan Mac. Window dah tak pandang. He even installed Leopard in our Dell laptop. Among his bonus list is to replace our old PC with Mac Mini. Abah..abah..we'll see whats next in his list.

Bonus List
Well, it's a long list actually and most of them come from Apple store. Demi untuk mengambil hati ibu, he also promise to buy me thing from that store as well. And then tiba2 la pulak, hp ibu rosak. Displaynya jadi macam water color. Sedih ibu. Memang dah menjadi tradisi ibu sejak dr U utk trade in hp sebelum rosak dan sementara ada value. Tak pernah pulak hp ibu rosak macam gini. So tadi di Bintang, abah try2 tanya harga trade it. :D rupa-rupanya masih ada value hp ibu tu. Alhamdulillah, best sangat. So mungkin ibu akan ambil hp Nokia 3G plg cikai sebagai ganti atau kita nantikan produk terbaru dari petani epal.

Jalan2 di Bintang, ibu telah merembat sepasang jeans dan baju :D. Tak sangka pulak ada yang ngam dgn body ibu yg sihat ini. Ibu memang xshopping baju di Miri sebenarnya. Plan asal cuma nk cuci mata sebagai terapi minda. Namun memandangkan sudah agak lama ibu tak memboroskan duit abah, ibu pun belikan jua. TQ abang. Menengok koleksi baju yg cantik2 membuatkan ibu berazam untuk menguruskan badan secara serius. Sebelum ni xserius langsung. Macam mana nak serius, stok coklat abah beli dari Labuan tu sangat la tempting dan meruntun jiwa...Argghhhh..tidak..aku harus kurus..tapi..ada tapinya..bila dah kurus, nafsu shopping pulak bertambah. macam mana abang. Nak Ida slim ka chubby??



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-i let you play by yourself
-i wonder when you gonna fall asleep again

I want to be in the show as well

-i like to watch your cute face
-i kiss you
-i cuit-cuit you
-i want you to be awake so that we can play together

I can still watch u ibu..i just pretending to sleep


Combat Boy

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At the age of 6 and half months, you able to climb the playpen so its time for us to take out the infant level. You surely a little bit frustrated because you just wanted to show off suddently the privilage was taken out. Like being downgraded haa.. langsung tak boleh tayang muka dah. However, we have allow you to explore the room area. Before ni, berabuk sangat sebab tu tak kasi turun. Lagipun, all the pillows' and comforters' fences can be broken by you so it's not save to leave you alone on bed anymore. got me

Not just the upper level, almost every cerok at downstairs had been conquered. The different level between dining hall and living room pun dah boleh panjat. The only area that ibu straightly restrict is the kichen because we ourselves wear seliper around it. So, if you want to enter the kichen by your own, master the walking first.

Whenever i'm cooking and you appear, i have to put you on your chair and you will supervise untill i'm done or you get bored. Ha ha, hopefully you'll absorb all the cooking details that i explained and cook for me soon.

ibu, standby..nk tumbang ni

Currently, you're able to stand with support. Oh, you still dun get your own laptop as for the time being you enjoy exploring real things rather than playing with toys. I also encourage you to play with cardboard box while testing your imagination.

We still wondering wether to get you a walker or not. It seems like you're not gonna use it for long time as you're quite an achiever. So should we just borrow it from your other friends who already passed the stage. Huhu..



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anak abah coang ni

Last Saturday we when to Luak Esplanade for a short picnic. It became short because we spent a lot of time before that at Bintang Plaza :D and had to rush home for Zohor prayer...ish ish ish..

We tapau Pizza Hut and had late lunch during the picnic. Nazhan already tired when we arrived because of a long shopping moment and only had a very short nap on the way to the beach.

this is my family

Hmm..the wind was hembus-hembus sahaja compare to our last visit. Berpeluh anak ibu even lepak tepi pantai. However we still had fun and definitely go again. We love having this kind of family time and Miri has its advantageous because there are few places that suit such family gathering compare to its lack of shopping complexs.

saya tgh bz ni abah, xleh pandang camera

View more pics


Ayam Masak Tomato

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Ayam masak tomato

-bawang besar
-bawang putih
-serbuk cili
-sos tomato
-serbuk kunyit
-kayu manis
-bunga cengkih
-buah pelaga

1.Blend bawang dan halia.
2.Gaul ayam dengan serbuk kunyit & garam dan goreng separa garing.
3.Tumis bahan yg diblend beserta serbuk cili, kayu manis, bunga cengkih dan buah pelaga.
4.Bila pecah minyak, masukkan sos tomato dan air sesuka hati.
5.Bila kuah agak pekat, tambah garam dan gula.
6.Masukkan ayam dan gaul rata beberapa minit dan angkat bila suka. :))


Healthy Care Booster Seat

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what's this? what's this? it for me?

This came last thusday. My parents bought it from TheLilCaliph. Thank you to abah and ibu who bought this great booster seat so that i can join them during meal time and having my own as well. But there is no seat as comfy as abah's or ibu's lap. Yours the best in the world.


A little early review for this seat:
-it's very light and can be folded so that i can bring during our picnic
-i like the colourful color
-3 height to adjust and i'm using the highest right now
-safety belt to restrict my movement :(
-2 seat straps allow to be attached to chair
-easy to clean if i mess up my food
-removable tray and lid and because of that ibu use it as laptop table
-as my toy as well since i dun have enough


Ikan Masak Lemak

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Ikan kembung masak lemak, ikan goreng, kucai masak kicap

Ikan kembung masak lemak

-ikan kembung
-bawang besar
-bawang putih
-kunyit hidup
-daun kunyit
-susu cair

1.Blend bawang, kunyit hidup dan cabai.
2.Panaskan di atas api bahan yg diblend tadi.
3.Masukkan serai yg dititik dan daun kunyit.
4.Tambah air sesuka hati.
5.Bila mendidih, masukkan ikan dan susu cair.
6.Bila mendidih, tambahkan garam secukup rasa.
7. Agak-agak dah masak tutup la api.

I'm not an expert but there is no right or wrong in cooking as long as boleh makan, tak sakit and hubby kata sedap. huahuahua..


My Strategy

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Hemo hemo hemo..

Yes, ibu..anything?


Anak Bertuahku

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Nazhan dah pandai buka tudung tuperware air and menyebabkan toto tempat lepak & guling2 kita basah. Baik punya ibu dok mengadap laptop, tiba2 terasa basah semacam aja. Dengan pantas ibu mengangkat anak bertuah itu, menolak mainan, laptop, remote control and hp ibu supaya tidak terjebak sama. Ibu ke dapur dan mengambil kain utk tujuan menyerap air tadi. Aiseyman, Nazhan berak la pulak. Boleh lepak aja tu xkasi sign kat ibu. Langkah seterusnya ibu pun mengendong superboy untuk dicuci bontotnya. Sesampainya kita ditempat kejadian tadi, ibu terpikir, air tumpahan tadi leh meresap ke carpet. Barulah ibu angkat toto itu dan dijemur disofa aja. Malas sungguh ibu nak keluar rumah. Mujur, carpet kita masih selamat untuk tujuan lepak dan guling2.


I want one

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I can smile widely now. My strategy on getting one laptop for me looks like to be a great success. After struggling with ibu over her laptop almost everyday, it seems like they're getting to get one for me. Please pray for me also. I dun't want they change their mind. This is just no.1 from my long list.


Happy 6 months old my dear boy!

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Happy Birthday, Nazhan. Dah 6 bulan..wohoo~..cepat sungguh masa berlalu.

As you're a big boy now, you have your 1st solid during lunch time. So kelam kabut sangat sebab ibu kena prepare lunch at the same time so it really the not so good.

I promise you to make it better next time ok.

Less that 1 month

6 months

As you reach your 6 m, u just learn to creep around. But still unable to sit well. Everytime i put u to sit, u will hold tight my hand and push yourself to stand. wut to do..

Since you will joining us during meal time seriously, i plan to buy u some sort of high chair but still searching for better offer. Right know i'm very into this booster seat.

Well Nazhan, keep being such a good boy ok. I love u so much. Muuaahhhsss :X


Happy Father's Day

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Selamat Hari Bapa buat abah dr Nazhan and ibu.

Honestly, we're so lucky to have u in our life. You're so great as a father and husband. Just so Nazhan know what abah have done for him, here are few points to highlights:

-abah is so protective
-always bubble bath with u when he around
-diapering u with willingness
-having u in one hand during mealtime
-dodoi expecially during my confinement
-whenever u cry for milk after we done eating, he volunteer to do the dishes
-introduce u to computer how to make this program run?

-maybe, already teach u to drive

kalau slow tu, guna lane kiri la

See, what a wonderful abah u have, dear. Because of that, you should be thankful and always appreciate him very much.

To abang, you are the man, the hero of my heart. Thank you for always be there for us.

my heroes


The Transition

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It almost 1 week since we're back from Penang. We did not make it to Brunei as the plan change very the last minute. We went back to Penang because Tuk Nek admitted to ICU because of very low blood pressure. Alhamdulillah she got out from ICU and savely in home now. Tuk told ibu, she is getting better. Her appetite also getting ok. I'm hoping that she get well soon.

As for us, back to Miri is not the same as before. When petrol price goes up, i just think positive and stay cool. Living in Miri where no traffic jam while abah's office just 10 minutes away with motocyle ride is a huge relief for us. However i forgot about the influence of it towards other things. We when shopping after 2 days back in Miri as our rice was out of stock. And shockingly the price is up outrageously. Beras Siam Wangi rm51 for 10kg. Oh God..

Botak kepala abah macam ni. Dah la ibu pun asyik dok gugur rambut aja. So we decided to reduce our rice intake as the 1st step. Maybe when i know the way and have the guts i'll speak it out loud. For the beginning, i condemn it through this blog as this is the famous way currently but i'm not sure whether my voice will be heard.

Honestly i think the enforcement in Miri is very poor. Harga ayam pun tak ikut harga yg ditetapkan. Ada yang rm8, rm8.80/kg. Ini harga before minyak naik. Tomorrow i'll know what the price will be. About the rice plk, mushkil jgk, ingatkan turun. Habis yg subsidi minyak kena tarik ke mana. I really pity Sarawakian yg bukan semua org kaya even mmg ramai cina kaya disini, plus Bruneian yg selalu shopping sini.

Hopefully, we all can get through this transition smoothly. And i'll be slimmer after this.


We're going for a vacation

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Happy birthday, Sayang.

It has been 5 months since three of us together and it really an incredible journey. Thank you for making me become a mother and add some flavours to my daily life. As for the reward, we're going for a holiday, yipieee..

Ibu and abah had prepared you an international pasport. We took and printed the
photos at home. It nearly became a waste when the officer at immigration won't accept it because of the smooth surface of the photo paper. They need the rough one. Because we had printed it for 12 copies, i made a decision to fight for it. We met the processing officer and after she disappeared for 3 minutes, the photos had been approved. Hoh yeaahh!!!

And this weekend we'll be leaving for Brunei.

Vote me for future cosmonaut


Nation Song

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Three of us love this song very much.



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Lately there were so many disaster happening around the world. With Nargis hit Myanmar, earthquake in China, strong wind in Miri. It really makes me sweat and also think what should i do if it happen to me? Of course the strong wind happen at my place but not on my nose.
What should i do if i feel the earthquake? Should i run out without my tudung? Should i standby my tudung near the door? Can i carry Nazhan for a long time? Should i grap the baby carrier as well when i run out. Silly question ha? but i need to plan it roughly so that i have a guideline to follow when emergency happen instead of just shouting aaAAAAAa or help help.

And another thing that captured my attention is about current political scenario in Malaysia. After a big lost for BN in last election, i pity them because the situation now make them look so awful. Instead of correcting their mistake and win people heart back, they keep humiliating each other. Am i still supporting them in the next election? Still questionable...

*the wind had made my kichen curtain became tarzan curtain.


Happy Mother's Day

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Motherhood is a tough 24-hr job : No Pay, No day-off, most often unappreciated & yet resignation is imposibble. Happy Mothers's Day to all moms in the world.


Tabung Haji

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Yihaaa...Semalam kita p menabung. Cayalah anak ibu. Moga2 terus menerus la suka menyimpan ya. Taknak la asyik minta mainan aja. Simpan sikit2, lama2 jadi bukit+kaya raya.$$$$...nyehnyehnyeh..

hmm...bila boleh kita p haji ibu?

Dulu tuk yg ajar ibu simpan duit. Mudah mudahan ibu dpt la terapkan nilai murni ni pada anak2 ibu plk. Masa kecik2, ibu pernah teringin nk beli kereta control. Sebab tu ibu mula menabung secara extra vaganza. Duit sekolah ibu tak guna. Lagipun time rehat, byk main aja keja ibu. Air pulak, bawak bekal. Jadi, duit yg 50sen tu ibu simpan sampai la cukup rm10, then bg tuk simpan. Bila cukup rm100, tuk simpankan dalam bank plk.

Simpan punya simpan, tak beli2 jgk. Lastly, niat nak beli keta control terkubur mcm tu aja. Huhu..Ibu cuma merasa main keta control bila lesen keta pun dah ada. Time tu, ibu belikan untuk org lain. Rupa-rupanya susah jgk nk handle. Asyik berlanggar aja.. Baik drive keta betul lagi senang.. Iya, Nazhan..betul, tak tipu..

So Nazhan, menabung ni byk faedahnya. Nanti bila Nazhan teringin nk apa2, boleh Nazhan beli dgn duit tabung Nazhan (with our approval la). Tak payah tunggu abah dpt bonus. Kenikmatannya pun lebih. Kalau tak cukup, nanti leh tong-tong dgn adik2. Cewah..Bijakkan idea ibu? :D


A Present

10:01 PM ida ahmad 3 Comments

Kita dapat laptop baru!!! Itulah yg paling best utk hari ini. Ibu pun tulis blog hari ni guna laptop baru kita. huahuahua.. Inilah mission utama kita balik KL last week, for PC Fair, selain course abah yg boleh dianggap minor mission. Dah 3 tahun abah keja, tahun ni baru ada rezeki kita. Laptop ni very special. Hadiah birthday abah untuk ibu and hadiah birthday ibu untuk abah. Kami kongsi duit. Sweet tak?..sweetkan..

Walaupun ibu ni not a career woman as most of my friends, ibu ada cara lain tambah duit poket. Kalau tahun lepas, lepas resign TM, ibu ada jugak try cari keja tapi mungkin tidak, lepas dapat Nazhan & selagi kita dok di Miri ni. Entahlah, malas nak pikir sebenarnya, lets time decide.

But for da past few days, ibu baru teringat why i chose IT? Dulu masa sekolah ibu nak jadi akauntan tp tak ada offer subjek tu kat sekolah ibu. Yang ada subjek Perdagangan, tu pulak kena amik dgn Biologi. Frust jgk. Sebab tak ada basic akaun, ibu pun tak berani sambung d U. Masa amik Teknologi and Lukisan Kejuruteraan, mmg tak berangan pun nk jadi Engineer. Ibu amik IT sebab rasa one day, ibu boleh keja dr rumah while taking care of my children.

Well tak sangka plk seawal ini. I'm running an online business right now. Semua start last year bila susah sangat nk dpt keja d Miri ni. Alhamdulillah, rezeki ibu ada di sini. Since lama lagi d Miri, ibu tgh mengembangkan sayap utk sell produk kesihatan dan kecantikan plk. Website belum up lagi. Coming soon..

Ada plan nk buat tuition jgk. Entahlah..ibu mmg dah lama nak buat ni tapi tak confident. Nazhan pun kecil lagi, time tidoq pun belum consistent. Sempatlah ibu amik keyakinan and cari ilmu dulu sebelum launch kelas tuition tu, InsyaAllah.

For the time being, i really need to organize my time well. Tumpukan perhatian dgn development Nazhan, not just take care of u as my daily routine. Read more on how to stimulate your brain. For now, ibu cuma banyak nanyi2 dgn Nazhan. Dulu rajin jgk bercerita tentang aktiviti harian ibu pada Nazhan tapi sejak Nazhan dah pandai tgk tv, ibu asyik biar ja, take things for granted plk. Oh dear, I should be more responsible.

So Nazhan, don't u worry. Ibu dah dapat laptop baru. mudah mudahan akan lebih organize and spend more quality time with u.


Tahun Melawat Miri

8:57 PM ida ahmad 1 Comments

Seminggu lepas kita balik dr Penang, Mak Tuk pulak menyusul ke mari. So ibu kena kerja keras for 1 week demi mengambil hati mertua. Ahahak. Kalu tak, masak main goreng2 aja tapi sebab adanya Mak Tuk kena kerja lebih sikit. Penat sangat Nazhan oi.

Dulu2 masa belum ada Nazhan ibu masak 2 menu aja, 1 lauk berkuah, 1 sayur. Kami x makan byk pun. Kalau terlebih sukatan, struggle ja nk habiskan. Lepas ada Nazhan, 1 lauk bergoreng, 1 sayur. Huhu. Abah tlg tapau 1 lauk berkuah, tu pun mcm tak laku ja sebab ada ikan masin goreng yg yummy.

Masa ada Mak Tuk, 3 jenis lauk yg ibu kena sediakan plus sambal. Tak la banyak pun tapi still penat sebab keja lain pun ada jgk. Dr subuh sampai lunch time non stop. Mujurlah bila abah cuti and kita bawak Mak Tuk jalan2, kita lunch di luar. So relieve since ibu sangat la suka jalan2.

1 destinasi 1 hari. Miri bukan besar manapun. Kalau bawak habis semua sehari, alamat esok lepak rumah ja la. Mula2 kita bawak Mak Tuk p Muzium Petroleum. Ibu sungguh malas nk baca segala penerangan berjela tentang minyak2 ni. Yg pendek2 tu ibu baca la. Harapkan abah nk terang, dia pun up sikit ja dr ibu. Huhu..jgn mare. Yg bestnya muzium ni, section yg ada eksperimen. Yang tu, ibu tak miss since orang pun tak ramai nk berebut2x. Refresh balik ilmu2 fizik sekolah menengah dulu. :D Sonok2x

Di Esplanade kami bawak Nazhan tgk laut and langit yg marvelous. Tenang n sangat nyaman. Nazhan pun nampak happy aja. Jarang2 sekali keluar rumah la katakan. Takpa, nanti bila Nazhan dah besar sikit n kuat, kita dtg picnic sini, ok dear.

Hari kita p Taman Awam, Nazhan tidur pada awalnya. Bila dah bangun, kasi test main air di public pool. Muka takdak perasaan aja. Lain kali kita mai lagi ya. Tapi biar ibu pastikan dulu, boleh tak penyakit berjangkit kt pool mcm ni. Kalu semua ok, baru boleh. Since Mak Tuk gayat, kita tak naik la jambatan gantung tu. So, ibu pun taktau Nazhan gayat ke tak orgnya. Hope not because nanti boleh temankan ibu main mainan di Sunway Lagoon or any theme park. Yihaaa...