Happy Father's Day

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Selamat Hari Bapa buat abah dr Nazhan and ibu.

Honestly, we're so lucky to have u in our life. You're so great as a father and husband. Just so Nazhan know what abah have done for him, here are few points to highlights:

-abah is so protective
-always bubble bath with u when he around
-diapering u with willingness
-having u in one hand during mealtime
-dodoi expecially during my confinement
-whenever u cry for milk after we done eating, he volunteer to do the dishes
-introduce u to computer

hmm..so how to make this program run?

-maybe, already teach u to drive

kalau slow tu, guna lane kiri la

See, what a wonderful abah u have, dear. Because of that, you should be thankful and always appreciate him very much.

To abang, you are the man, the hero of my heart. Thank you for always be there for us.

my heroes


chip said...

Tq for the appreciation.

i'm touch...

Mommy Lyna said...

ni nazhan ka ibu yg taip ni?

ida ahmad said...

small matter..

aunty lina,
Nazhan la taip, ibu bg idea ja.