Happy 6 months old my dear boy!

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Happy Birthday, Nazhan. Dah 6 bulan..wohoo~..cepat sungguh masa berlalu.

As you're a big boy now, you have your 1st solid during lunch time. So kelam kabut sangat sebab ibu kena prepare lunch at the same time so it really the not so good.

I promise you to make it better next time ok.

Less that 1 month

6 months

As you reach your 6 m, u just learn to creep around. But still unable to sit well. Everytime i put u to sit, u will hold tight my hand and push yourself to stand. wut to do..

Since you will joining us during meal time seriously, i plan to buy u some sort of high chair but still searching for better offer. Right know i'm very into this booster seat.

Well Nazhan, keep being such a good boy ok. I love u so much. Muuaahhhsss :X


babynadhrah said...

eh.. nadhrah has the exact booster seat.. my review? ok laaa.. it's portable and much smaller than a high chair.. tapi nak letak kat bangku makan mcm agak low skit.. maybe sbb our dining table agak tinggi kot...

ida ahmad said...
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ida ahmad said...

tq for the review. hubby pun ckp mcm tu tp i suka this one..hehehe..but maybe we should think it over..hmm..

wut say u, nazhan