Combat Boy

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At the age of 6 and half months, you able to climb the playpen so its time for us to take out the infant level. You surely a little bit frustrated because you just wanted to show off suddently the privilage was taken out. Like being downgraded haa.. langsung tak boleh tayang muka dah. However, we have allow you to explore the room area. Before ni, berabuk sangat sebab tu tak kasi turun. Lagipun, all the pillows' and comforters' fences can be broken by you so it's not save to leave you alone on bed anymore. got me

Not just the upper level, almost every cerok at downstairs had been conquered. The different level between dining hall and living room pun dah boleh panjat. The only area that ibu straightly restrict is the kichen because we ourselves wear seliper around it. So, if you want to enter the kichen by your own, master the walking first.

Whenever i'm cooking and you appear, i have to put you on your chair and you will supervise untill i'm done or you get bored. Ha ha, hopefully you'll absorb all the cooking details that i explained and cook for me soon.

ibu, standby..nk tumbang ni

Currently, you're able to stand with support. Oh, you still dun get your own laptop as for the time being you enjoy exploring real things rather than playing with toys. I also encourage you to play with cardboard box while testing your imagination.

We still wondering wether to get you a walker or not. It seems like you're not gonna use it for long time as you're quite an achiever. So should we just borrow it from your other friends who already passed the stage. Huhu..