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Since last week Nazhan poops more than once a day. At the beginning, we assumed its because of his solid intake. Only after few days, we took him to paed. He said, its rotavirus. Ha :o. And he noted Nazhan for rota vaccine. He also added, the diarrhea have a lot of causes but i just want to earn more money.
After having hard times to get Nazhan to drink his medicine, he actually recovered during the weekend. He poop once a day back again. However, the happy story end on Monday when he poop more frequently.
So, on Wednesday we decided to bring him for 2nd opinion and for me as well since i got flu. This time, the doc said it is not rota virus and it will gone soon. It is diarrhea season in Miri right now. Maybe because of food poisoning. But Nazhan never have outside food before. We actually hard to get him to eat other than my milk. So, we have to watch for any dehydration signs since diarrhea become dangerous when it can cause dehydration.

Symptom for dehydration
-dry mouth
-sunken eyes
-more than 6 hours without wet diapers
-crying without tears
-kulit kurang anjal, bila tekan tak naik or lambat naik balik

Possibility of diarrhea when
-poop more often than usual with looser or more watery stool.

Also, dun hesitate to bring baby to doc whenever
-diarrhea for more than 24 hours (checked)
or diarrhea that comes with
-high fever
-blood in his stool or black stool