Healthy Care Booster Seat

1:12 PM ida ahmad 0 Comments

what's this? what's this? it for me?

This came last thusday. My parents bought it from TheLilCaliph. Thank you to abah and ibu who bought this great booster seat so that i can join them during meal time and having my own as well. But there is no seat as comfy as abah's or ibu's lap. Yours the best in the world.


A little early review for this seat:
-it's very light and can be folded so that i can bring during our picnic
-i like the colourful color
-3 height to adjust and i'm using the highest right now
-safety belt to restrict my movement :(
-2 seat straps allow to be attached to chair
-easy to clean if i mess up my food
-removable tray and lid and because of that ibu use it as laptop table
-as my toy as well since i dun have enough