I want one

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I can smile widely now. My strategy on getting one laptop for me looks like to be a great success. After struggling with ibu over her laptop almost everyday, it seems like they're getting to get one for me. Please pray for me also. I dun't want they change their mind. This is just no.1 from my long list.


Happy 6 months old my dear boy!

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Happy Birthday, Nazhan. Dah 6 bulan..wohoo~..cepat sungguh masa berlalu.

As you're a big boy now, you have your 1st solid during lunch time. So kelam kabut sangat sebab ibu kena prepare lunch at the same time so it really the not so good.

I promise you to make it better next time ok.

Less that 1 month

6 months

As you reach your 6 m, u just learn to creep around. But still unable to sit well. Everytime i put u to sit, u will hold tight my hand and push yourself to stand. wut to do..

Since you will joining us during meal time seriously, i plan to buy u some sort of high chair but still searching for better offer. Right know i'm very into this booster seat.

Well Nazhan, keep being such a good boy ok. I love u so much. Muuaahhhsss :X


Happy Father's Day

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Selamat Hari Bapa buat abah dr Nazhan and ibu.

Honestly, we're so lucky to have u in our life. You're so great as a father and husband. Just so Nazhan know what abah have done for him, here are few points to highlights:

-abah is so protective
-always bubble bath with u when he around
-diapering u with willingness
-having u in one hand during mealtime
-dodoi expecially during my confinement
-whenever u cry for milk after we done eating, he volunteer to do the dishes
-introduce u to computer

hmm..so how to make this program run?

-maybe, already teach u to drive

kalau slow tu, guna lane kiri la

See, what a wonderful abah u have, dear. Because of that, you should be thankful and always appreciate him very much.

To abang, you are the man, the hero of my heart. Thank you for always be there for us.

my heroes


The Transition

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It almost 1 week since we're back from Penang. We did not make it to Brunei as the plan change very the last minute. We went back to Penang because Tuk Nek admitted to ICU because of very low blood pressure. Alhamdulillah she got out from ICU and savely in home now. Tuk told ibu, she is getting better. Her appetite also getting ok. I'm hoping that she get well soon.

As for us, back to Miri is not the same as before. When petrol price goes up, i just think positive and stay cool. Living in Miri where no traffic jam while abah's office just 10 minutes away with motocyle ride is a huge relief for us. However i forgot about the influence of it towards other things. We when shopping after 2 days back in Miri as our rice was out of stock. And shockingly the price is up outrageously. Beras Siam Wangi rm51 for 10kg. Oh God..

Botak kepala abah macam ni. Dah la ibu pun asyik dok gugur rambut aja. So we decided to reduce our rice intake as the 1st step. Maybe when i know the way and have the guts i'll speak it out loud. For the beginning, i condemn it through this blog as this is the famous way currently but i'm not sure whether my voice will be heard.

Honestly i think the enforcement in Miri is very poor. Harga ayam pun tak ikut harga yg ditetapkan. Ada yang rm8, rm8.80/kg. Ini harga before minyak naik. Tomorrow i'll know what the price will be. About the rice plk, mushkil jgk, ingatkan turun. Habis yg subsidi minyak kena tarik ke mana. I really pity Sarawakian yg bukan semua org kaya even mmg ramai cina kaya disini, plus Bruneian yg selalu shopping sini.

Hopefully, we all can get through this transition smoothly. And i'll be slimmer after this.