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anak abah coang ni

Last Saturday we when to Luak Esplanade for a short picnic. It became short because we spent a lot of time before that at Bintang Plaza :D and had to rush home for Zohor prayer...ish ish ish..

We tapau Pizza Hut and had late lunch during the picnic. Nazhan already tired when we arrived because of a long shopping moment and only had a very short nap on the way to the beach.

this is my family

Hmm..the wind was hembus-hembus sahaja compare to our last visit. Berpeluh anak ibu even lepak tepi pantai. However we still had fun and definitely go again. We love having this kind of family time and Miri has its advantageous because there are few places that suit such family gathering compare to its lack of shopping complexs.

saya tgh bz ni abah, xleh pandang camera

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