35 weeks checkup

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Today, we went for 35 weeks checkup. Baby still dun want to reveal her sex. However, she is really save and sound. Her weight probably around 2.39kg and ibu is 64kg. So much to loose after giving birth. Maybe she will getting weight 200g every 2 weeks so at birth maybe just the same as Nazhan. Quite surprising since i'm feeling my belly is much2 bigger than previous pregnancy.

Meanwhile this coming Saturday is Nazhan birthday. We will be having a small birthday party for him. Really hope that, he will be a good host. Haha..boleh ka? At least not making a crying scene for the whole time.

Before to late, i would like to wish Happy New Year to all muslim since last week is our Maal Hijrah, the beginning of Islamic Calender. Hope that this new year will make us a better person and Allah will guide us all the way.


Gold Coast 3rd Day @ Pasific Fair & Sea World

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On the 3rd day, we planned to visit Sea World. So we catched a bus to Pasific Fair. On the bus, Nazhan looked very sleepy, making us to change our plan to hang out at Pasific Fair before took another bus to Sea World. Pasific Fair consisted of a huge supermarket and blocks of shops as well. We just went around to shop for sourveniers and had a delicious kebab for breaklunch and also took a way a large kebab to eat at the Sea World.

Pasific Fair

From my short observation, the price offered at the sourvenier shop here compared to the Currumbin Zoo was not much different. Some of them were cheaper at the zoo. Meanwhile, Nazhan was very much awake until we went out from the mall. Ha ha..another miscalculation.

Sea World

Nonetheless we savely arrived at the Sea World. It was great and huge park. We started by visiting aquarium and shark exhibition. Then we prayed jamak takdim. There was a prayer room here and also at Movie World. We missed a dolphin show but still able to watched them very close.



Since Nazhan was sleeping, abah took the oppurtunity to try out their Jet Rescue Ride. It took more than 20 minutes i guess until his turn. Thank God, Nazhan only awake when it was already his turn. Otherwise i dun know how to carry the heavy bagpack while chasing Nazhan around and crying for his abah.

Jet Rescue Ride

After that, we sat for another delicious kebab while Nazhan just had an energy bar while waiting for a stingray show. Energy bars had been his main survival and snack since he arrived here as he refused to eat bread, rice and spaghetti that i prepared.


The stingray show was interesting. They were so looking forward to be feed by visitors that they frequently emerged on the surface. After spent sometimes there, we walked to see a peguin show as Nazhan love to see Peguins of Madagascar cartoon very much. While waiting for the show to start, we did a little shopping.

Sesame Street Theatre

Only after that, we visited the kids park and Nazhan did tried all the rides they offered at least two times for all. We really had a great time there. We walked back to the main entry nearly 5pm and had a last stop at the sourvenier shop near the gate.

6 wheels drive ride

Flight ride

Heli..nampak tak tangan pilot comei tu dok lambai?

We had really great time in Gold Coast and the people there was so friendly. It has been a very nice holiday for three of us. The next day, we actually booked a taxi to the airport but we when out 5 minutes late. I'm not sure whether the taxi did come or not. So, we waited for a public bus to send us to the bus stop near the airport where there was a free shuttle to the airport. Luckily we still on time and savely on board to fly back to Malaysia. :))


Gold Coast 2nd Day @ Movie World

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Our second destination in Gold Coast was Movie World. We bought Summer Pass that cost AUD99 per adult from myfun website. This pass allows us for unlimited entry untill 30 June 2010 to Movie World and Sea World theme parks.

We arrived late because we missed the direct public bus to the park. The last bus that passed through our bus stop was at 9.40am. That because the park is open from 10am, so they aspect visitors will be there by that time. We did asked the receptionist at our apartment, she said the bus operated till 11am. I guess she never took the public bus. Huhu.. Because of that we need to take 3 buses and only arrived at 1pm.

Alhamdulillah sampai juga, after all the struggles and long journey. We decided to spend time at Kids' Zone first since Nazhan seem very tired and thought that, we can spend time for ourselves when he fall asleep later.

Muka tak puas hati bila kena turun

Tweety Cage Ride

Cool down at Splash Zone

After having fun at Kids' Zone, we had a buffer lunch. I forgot the name of the restaurant, probably Rick's Cafe American. It have Halal certificate. Around 3.30pm, there was a Star Parade. The stars include Batman, Cat woman, Scobby Doo, Shrek and many more.

The handsome shrek


Apa tah nama kucing ni dgn bugs bunny

After that, we had a 4D shrek show. While in the waiting area, Nazhan was fall asleep at last. Thank God. Otherwise, maybe we can not enjoy the show at all. By the way, the show was awesome.

That Shrek show finished at 4.20pm and the park will close at 5pm. Ha ha. Thats all the time left for us to shop. So, manage your time well. Maybe you need to stay longer in Gold Coast and spend more than a day in the Movie World because thats a plenty of adventure rides they offer.


Gold Coast 1st Day

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I consided this day as 1st day as when we arrived it was already dark and no exciting activity we did. Here we go again...

Very nice and clean bus stop

That day we planned to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Actually berangan nak p Australia Zoo, the home of crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin tu, tapi agak jauh. So p yg dekat aja. Zoo ni antara Burleigh Heads dengan Coolangatta Airport. Entry fee pun cheaper than Australia zoo. We even got cheaper price when we bought ticket through Sunloverholidays website, 50% less for 2nd adult.

We went there by public bus. We bought 3 days ezy pass that cost AUD26 per adult. You can buy the pass from the bus driver of Surfside Buslines. Actually there are few options to go around Gold Coast. Whether by public bus like us, cab, tourist shutter including airport transfer and theme park transfer or rent a car.

Sleeping koala bear

Possum photography shoot

Nazhan was quite frustrated because we disturbed his slepping time. When we arrived there, we already missed few animal shows. We bought sandwiches from zoo's cafe and started walking. Although Nazhan was a bit sleepy, he stay awake for the rest of the shows and only fall asleep when we on a train on the way back to the zoo entry. So, we stopped at the kangaroo crossing to take pictures with him sleeping in his stroller.

Nazhan fall asleep on a train ride

Only with lazy kangaroo..saya berani

After done small shopping at the sourvenier shop, we wanted to have lunch and decided to go to Pasific Fair but it quite far away from Currumbin. While waiting for a bus, we saw a road sign of Tugun Shopping Center and Tugun is just nearby according to the map. So, we changed our planned to go to Tugun and thought that the shopping center is like a shopping mall.

Since we were not sure where we should stop, we asked the bus driver to stop for us when we arrived. Oh yes, all the bus drivers that we met in Gold Goast were very friendly and polite. So did the people there.When i'm busy looking at the bus route near the bus stop, somebody will ask where we wanted to go and they will assist us in anyway they know.

When we arrived at Tugun shopping center, we were quite puzzled. Its because we can't find any big mall. It were just blocks of shops. Luckily there was a groceries shop too. So we went in and bought some groceries first. We planned to cook for breakfast and dinner so that we can go out late tomorrow morning and don't have to go out for dinner after a day long tour. We had a late lunch at Hungry Jack which is exacly like Burger King and ate a vegetarian burger.

After let Nazhan played at their playground, we took a bus ride to our apartment. Opss, we missed our bus stop...huhu and had to walk a bit far to our apartment. Wut a long walking day. Really something to bare in mind next time.

Actually, we could cross the road and wait for another bus at zero cost since we got unlimited rides for 3 days. However, since the nearest bus stop and our apartment sama aja jauhnya, we decided to walk home slowly. Very slow since kaki dah kematu and perut dah memboyot.

Hehe..Well, adventures is out there! With thumbs up like kartun Ups. Just stay tune for the 2nd day adventure!!!


Gold Coast The Beginning

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OOO...panjang betul nak cerita pengalaman di Gold Coast. Kalau boleh nak cerita details untuk tatapan org lain yg teringin ke sana sebab masa nak p sana susah sungguh nak cari info dr bloggers lain. Apa yg dicari tak jumpa2. So, kalau boleh catatan saya nanti boleh dijadikan rujukan yg lain.

First of all, mmg seronok sangat. Memang berbaloi, fun, best, superb and amat puas hati, regardless kekurangan sikit2 here and there.

Here we go. Kami bertolak Sunday morning. Perjalanan ambil masa 8 hours. Sangat kematu punggung kalau tak jalan2 atas flight. Mujur terjumpa member lama atas flight, ex-MMU, Yan yang nak venture Australia for her IT project. Dasyat2. Dari enjin ke accounting sekarang bidang IT pulak. Aku jugak yg dok berabuk tak berhasil.

Sampai Coolangatta Airport around 8pm sana, 6pm Malaysia time. Australia straight pasal barang2 yg dibawa masuk. Almost every one kena check luggage and berjawab soalan. But luckly us, kami tak kena punggah luggage sebab berjaya menjawab soalan kastam dengan penuh confident dan tak menimbulkan syak wasangka.

Kami amik cab dr airport ke St. Marie Apartment yg terletak di Burleigh Heads.Kami book apartment ni dari wotif website. Cab rate ikut meter, kami kena around AUD33. St. Marie Apartment rate is AUD70 per night. Bilik dia lengkap dengan kichen with all the stuff, dining hall, living hall and bathroom with washing machine and dryer.

Kichen from dining hall view

Kichen from living hall view

Bath room

Washing machine and dryer

Malam tak ada aktiviti. Kami dah makan atas flight. Kat airport ada beli mee segera, makan tu aja dengan coklat untuk supper. Menu yg sama jgk untuk breakfast esok. Nanti kita sambung lagi.

Bedroom-Nazhan yg liat nak bangun esoknya

Dining Corner

Living Hall


Mandi manda @ Taman Awam Miri

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Main belon pemberian adik comel

Atas tu jambatan gantung


4th Anniversary

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Last thursday was our 4th anniversary. We get married on 5th November 2005. It has been a wonderful journey for me as a wife to a lovely husband.

For the first time, he bought me a bouquet of roses. Hehehe.. delivered to the house early in the morning when Nazhan and me still on bed. Later on the evening, i baked a chocolate cake with the help of my super hero, the food tester.

Nyum nyum nyum..

Sedap sedap..pass ibu

That's all actually. Very simple celebration. However, within 2 weeks we'll be flying to Gold Coast for a short holiday. I've been planning for this vacation since February, before being pregnant. So, since i'm pregnant at 8 months at that time we are in GC, is just gonna be a simple holiday. Not as adventure as it should be. Maybe the adventure comes in different way with Nazhan around and as we going to take public transpot for the whole vacation. Can't wait for that moment.

Happy '4'- Lovely..


Belly Belt for Mommy

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Biasalah bila perut dah boyot, seluar memang tak muat. Jadi ibu pun create this belly belt. With this, i can still wear all my pants, IAllah. However, this design only suitable with pant or skirt that already have belt holder and also thight and butt that still fit you. Just that, the waist not fit you anymore.

I use a t-shirt kind of fabric that i bought at bundle stall at pasar malam for rm1. Here's how i did it.

1. I cut one side of the shirt starting from the bottom to the height of my belly so that when i wear, it can cover from zip part to top of my belly.
2. The bottom part of the shirt will be the top part of the belly belt. Just sew 2 buttons at both end.
3.Then put an elastic through the existing hole.
4. Cut few small hole at both end of the elastic so that you can adjust the belt and wear it for longer time.

Tara, its done. You can wear it by button up the elastic to your pant or skirt belt holder.


Weekend @ Esplanade

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Dah lama tak p Esplanade. Dah gerak keluar rumah, baru terfikir nak bawak Nazhan jalan2 pantai. Lagipun dah lama tak ada ambik gambar. Actually, macam tak ada langsung gambar ibu dengan perut yg kian memboyot ni.

So, kami pun terus p tapau nasi lemak for lunch dengan air sekali. Elok2 nak sampai aja, Nazhan dah tertidur. So ibu yg tak puas ati ni, terus aja dukung Nazhan menegak and terjaga la abang long tu dengan menangis tak puas ati. Sebaik aja nampak pantai, terus nak p pantai dan tak ingat nak tidur or makan dah.

Jadi, ibu and abah gilir2 teman Nazhan ke pantai dan jaga barang2 sambil makan. Bila dah dekat setengah jam main pasir, baru la dia terasa lapar. Habis makan, sambung balik aktiviti main pasir dan jalan2 melawat kawasan.


Baby Dress

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I managed to sew this dress last Saturday. Only less than a day for a beginner like me. I'm sure others can make it even prettier and less time than me. Hehe, exacly same as the bedsheet. Haha!! Just dun want to waste the fabric if i can't manage to do it well.

You can get the tutorial from here.

There is another thing i plan to sew before baby is born. It is a nursing pillow with C shape. Hope it is going to be great.


Picture of us on 2010 CALENDER

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Nazhan and myself on IBFAN 2010 calender. IBFAN is an International Baby Food Action Network. It is a non-profit organisation which aims to save lives and to end the avoidable suffering caused by inappropriate infant feeding. Baby Milk Action works within a global network to strengthen independent, transparent and effective controls on the marketing of the baby feeding industry.

There are so much information that you can get regarding breastfeeding and also formula milk at http://www.ibfan.org/index-ibfan.html and http://www.babymilkaction.org/. DO DROP BY!


Bed Sheet Set for new baby

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Boy or girl? I already made it with peach color fabric and flower on it. Hoping that she gonna be a girl.

Adik, abang rasmi dulu ya.


Ikan Sweet Sour

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Serbuk kunyit
1/2 atau 1 biji bawang besar-hiris sikit, potong kiub sikit
2 ulas bawang putih-hiris halus
1 inci halia -hiris halus
2 biji cabai merah
2 inci carrot- dipotong panjang2
1 biji tomato- belah 4
2 sudu sos tomato
2 sudu sos cili
2 sudu sos tiram
Sikit daun sup & daun bawang


1. Ikan dilumur serbuk kunyit dan garam dan digoreng separuh masak or garing, ikut suka.
2. Tumis bawang besar, bawang putih, cabai(1) dan halia yang dihiris halus.
3. Masukkan carrot dan bancuhan 3 sos, gula dan air.
4. Bila dah pecah minyak atau mendidih, masukkan ikan, bawang yg dipotong kiub dan cabai yg dipotong memanjang.
5. Tambah garam secukup rasa dan tomato. Sudah siap dan boleh ditabur daun sup dan daun bawang yg dipotong halus.

Sedap tau. Selalu kalau saya nak buat ikan 3 rasa, untuk goreng ikan tukarkan serbuk kunyit dengan tepung jagung. Jadilah, ikan 3 rasa yg ala kadar.

Ini gambar hiasan. Kalau nak masak tu, memang kena entertain si kecik ni sekali. So, saya sangat suka masak menu yg boleh tinggal2 dan campak2. Selamat mencuba!


My 1st Langsir

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Lepas balik raya aritu, terasa bahang sangat lepak di rumah pada waktu petang. Plan asal untuk beli air cond lambat lagi. Mungkin bulan 12 sebab keperluan di waktu masa pantang nanti. Masa pantang last time, mmg terasa panas gila. Jiran2 kat sini pun, banyak dah pakat beli aircond disebabkan penangan global warming.

Jadi, selepas survey kami pun akhirnya membeli sebuah aircond untuk diletakkan di ruang tamu. Oleh kerana ruang tamu, dining hall and dapur memang tak ada pintu, terpaksa la pulak buat divider untuk pisahkan dining hall and ruang tamu.

Jadi, terhasillah langsir cukup2 makan ni hasil kerja tanganku. Senang aja buatnya. Dah lama sebenarnya nak buat langsir, tapi sebab malas dan semua tingkap dah berlangsir hasil sumbangan stok lama ibuku, jadi tak terbuat-buat.

Ini memang langsir sekadar menutup ruang aja. Tak ada nak kedut2 or wut so ever demi menjimatkan kos dan masa.

Nak tau tak kos buat langsir ni. Lebih kurang macam nilah.

Kain = rm10.90/meter x 5meter
Kepala langsir yg siap ada lubang2 untuk dijahit dibahagian atas langsir = rm8/meter x 3meter
Langsir dibahagian kaki(ditambah akibat xcukup labuh :D) = rm3.50/meter x 1 meter
Rail jenis bulat = rm8/kaki x 9 kaki

Jumlah kesemuanya = rm154.

Saya ke kedai kain 1st time tu tanpa mengukur ketinggian dinding, tau lebar lantai aja, tu yang main agak2 sendiri aja. Alih2, langsir tak cecah lantai. Hehe. Installation rail pun buat sendiri aja, sebab tu tak ada kos pemasangan. Saya soh org aircond drail kan lubang rail tu. Hasilnya..


Rendang Ayam

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Resepi ni disalin dari SajiOnline. Gambar original sendiri punya.

2 ekor ayam (potong 12)
2 kg santan
60 gm cili padi (kisar)
40 gm kunyit hidup (kisar)
100 gm halia (kisar)
2 batang serai (titik)
100 gm kerisik
3 keping asam gelugur
1 helai daun kunyit (hiris halus)
Sedikit garam

1.Rebuskan ayam bersama bahan kisar dan serai sehingga separuh empuk.
2.Kemudian masukkan kerisik, asam keping, santan dan daun kunyit.
3.Apabila kuahnya kelihatan pekat masukkan pula garam secukup rasa.
4.Kacau lagi sekali-sekala sehingga kuahnya kering.

Apa yg saya ubah dr resepi ni adalah tak guna 2 ekor ayam kampung dan cili padi. Guna cabai biasa saja 2-3 biji. Masak untuk 3 beranak aja. So memang, sukatan sesuka hati aja. Kuah banyak sebab kami memang suka kuah banyak. Yang atas tu sukatan dr website SajiOnline tanpa diubah. Yang sempoinya resepi ni, bawang pun xpayah ada dan step2nya pun mudah. Thumbs up lah!


Penang Char Koey Teow

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Famous Char Koey Teow @ Permatang Pauh. Kalau balik Penang, memang sudah kewajibanku untuk pekena char koey teow disini. Yummylicious!!! Balik raya sempat makan 2x. Sekali makan, tak puas sebab tensen tunggu lama sangat. Sempat pekena untuk 2nd time, lega rasanya.

Ini plk gambar baby raya. Anak saudara pertamaku dr sebelah hubby. Sepupu pertama Nazhan. Namanya Zulaikha.

Selamat tinggal Syawal. Semoga kita bertemu lagi di thn hadapan.


Felt Project

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Nazhan have new shirt for raya that come in 2 pieces. Singlet outside and a plain tshirt inside. So i decided to seperate them because of the weather that not so suitable and we are not in air conditional all the time. So I sew a felt with Nazhan favourite animal-cat and stitch a word-meow for the back of the shirt.

Felt with cat character


meow - I'm DONE