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Lately there were so many disaster happening around the world. With Nargis hit Myanmar, earthquake in China, strong wind in Miri. It really makes me sweat and also think what should i do if it happen to me? Of course the strong wind happen at my place but not on my nose.
What should i do if i feel the earthquake? Should i run out without my tudung? Should i standby my tudung near the door? Can i carry Nazhan for a long time? Should i grap the baby carrier as well when i run out. Silly question ha? but i need to plan it roughly so that i have a guideline to follow when emergency happen instead of just shouting aaAAAAAa or help help.

And another thing that captured my attention is about current political scenario in Malaysia. After a big lost for BN in last election, i pity them because the situation now make them look so awful. Instead of correcting their mistake and win people heart back, they keep humiliating each other. Am i still supporting them in the next election? Still questionable...

*the wind had made my kichen curtain became tarzan curtain.


Mommy Lyna said...

the power of human brain is, it can lower the time. so that we have time to think during emergency.

ida ahmad said...

that also right but i'm hoping that i dun have to think than just act. besides i might skip the gelabah part when i already prepared.