11 months to be

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Tomorrow i will become 11 months old. I'm still in Penang with ibu alone while abah went back to Miri. I wonder if ibu wanna celebrate it with me. I hope, she will prepare some special meal and give me a present. Hehehe.. She's really poor at cooking especially my meal but still nagged when i'm not finish them. If only i can tell her.

Living in Penang is quite ok for me. New enviroment for me to explore when no toys around. Really.. no toys at all. Only yesterday, i got new ball when i attend a birthday party of 2 little sisters, Nureen and Ayuni. They are aunty Amelia's daughters.

Yaa..remembering of their birthday, i wonder if i will have any. I'm still remember that my parents dun want to do it on my 1st birthday. They said i'm still a baby to enjoy it. But if only i can walk when i'm 1, maybe they will consider it again.

Our Family Smiling :D


Flying back to Penang

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Since Friday 13th my family and i ada di Penang. Kami sampai nearly 1am in the morning and tokwan and tok alang yg pick us up at airport. I'm still awake at that time. i only fall asleep during our flight from
Kuching-KL, just for a while. We did not take direct flight from Miri so that took us a total of 7 hours of travelling.

When we arrived at home, i'm still fully energetic while my parents were sleepy. Poorly me. They were fall asleep earlier that me and when i golek2 on the bed, suddenly i felt down...waaa waa :(( Only after the crying moments i can sleep well.


Genting 2008

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Ibu, hold tight. Its gonna be 'zaass' soon !!!

We're flying with elephant. Its so cool B-)

Waa..waa.. dun do this to me...
We did wax sculptured with Nazhan's feet.

Breastfeeding on the go

Let's hop on


Raya 2008 Snapshots

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Ibu kira geng sekali tak? Kira sedondon la ya. Baju raya terdesak terdesak..
Nazhan: Let me go..let me goooo..

If you want to take my picture, this is what u can get and its called spideyboy style

hmm..it seems like there a missing bolt & nut here Tuknek..but its ok..Nazhan is here to safe the day..

Gimme 'duit raya'. I want loads of it. muehehe