Adapting to new baby

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Iris sudah genap sebulan dan Nazhan sudah 2thn 2 bln. Alhamdulillah, dah boleh adapt dengan 2 org anak dengan bantuan mak and her maid. Aci tak? Boleh la. Bab2 mengasuh anak still kena buat sendiri. Kerja2 rumah ja mmg lepas tangan terus.

Nazhan dah mula show his love towards Iris. Dah nak kiss and puk puk adik bila adik nangis. Cuma still like to spend his time more with abah without compromise. Bila abah pegang adik, soh letak. Bila abah nak mandikan adik, asyik tarik tangan abah aja.

However, pagi mmg Nazhan like an angel la. Bagi chance kat ibu rest and jaga adik sepenuhnya. Tapi belum sampai leh jadi assistant ibu la. Sebab Nazhan tak boleh cakap lagi and tak boleh faham all instructions well.

Ibu risau pasal speech development Nazhan. He only concern on playing all day. So hard to get him to learn something together. Tak nak follow even berbuih mulut cakap same words thousand times. He loves to dance very much and watches movies using laptop. He also loves to make friend with other kids but jiran2 sini semua hantar anak ke baby sitter so tak dak chance nak berkawan.

My plan is to get him to nursery when we move to Semenanjung so he can mix around with other kids and hopefully he can talk after that, not just baby talk. If still no improvement, i want to bring him to speech therapy. There is no speech therapy here in Miri.

Meanwhile, Iris behave quite well. Cuma macam tau2 ja dia adik, demand nak perhatian lebih. Rasa masa jaga Nazhan dulu much easier. Lepas minum susu ja tidur. Tengah pakai baju pun boleh tidur. Adik ni, nak prepare susu sentiasa. Time mandi and proses nak siap2 pun nak selang seli minum susu jgk. Dari mandi pagi to lunch time selalu tak tidur. Day nap suka time petang aja. So three of us akan tidur bersama-sama time tu. Sementara nak tunggu dia nak tidur tu, ibu akan baringkan Iris atas tilam sambil tengok abang Nazhan main or layan movie. Tu pun hanya sekejap cuma. Else nak kena dukung or dok atas org ja.

Bila ibu menyusu sambil sembang2 suka la Iris terlelap or pura2 tidur. Bila tersedar aja meraung nenen tak ada or kenapa letak saya?? So memang tak meletakkan harapan la dia nak tidur senang. Mau 2 round lagi tukar dyper after morning bath, baru la tiba time tidur Iris.

Yg bezanya Iris dengan Nazhan time baby adalah, Nazhan pantang punggung kotor sikit, mesti nangis. Pembersih sungguh time baby dulu. Dah besar2 ni, berak pun tak pandai cakap. Adik pulak, lepas berak, baru boleh tidur nyenyak. Padahal orang nak kena cuci ni. Soo kesian nak cuci berak dia sebab dah penat berjaga, baru nak lelap, kena cuci berak plk. Bila cuci, dia jaga. Tak macam Nazhan dulu, boleh lena relax ja.

So, ibu selalu bagi adik tembak 2-3 kali baru ibu basuh berak adik. Kalau tak ibu yg kena tembak dengan adik macam adik buat dekat abah and bibik. 2-3 kali adik tu tak adalah gap berjam. Setengah jam ja kot. Lagipun adik relax ja boleh tidur lepas berak. Adik tembak kuat, boleh dengar tau. Malu betullah girl cam gini.

Anyway, kenangan nilah so sweet untuk dikenang nanti. You kids sure laugh when know about this bila dah besar nanti.


New look of Iris

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My little Iris drink a lot of milk. I can confirm it since I express my milk regularly and I know the amount. Actually I prefer to breasfeed her directly but she either tend to fall asleep before empty my breast, take longer time to satisfy her and it cause my back in pain or we both fall asleep and my bra and shirt will get wet.

She also prefer one side to breastfeed as my other nipple is ermm.. no need to describe further here. But it need my hand to support it so she can latch it correctly.

However I'm also worry if she choose to breastfeed directly all the time later, as she may be not gain weight as she right now. This is because she can finish my milk that I express but can not empty my breast when breastfeed directly.

How haa? Will adjust accordingly to her weight gaining I guess. I really hope she get enough nutrition that she need and gain weight gradually. Please not be a picky eater when the time come and be a smart kid too.



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Nazhan demam hari ni. Semalam abah dah rasa badan dia panas. Pukul 4 pagi dia terjaga, so kami lap badan sikit2 ja sebab Nazhan mmg tak suka di sponge. Bila pagi, abah pun p keja lewat sebab nak bawak p klinik dulu. Baru breakfast ja, dia dah muntah 3x. Risau ibu.

Di klinik, doktor bagi ubat demam cecair, sumbat punggung and ubat muntah juga sumbat punggung, since Nazhan asyik muntah ja. Pesan doktor, minum 100 plus campur air, nisbah 1:1. Esok baru start makan.

Namun, bila lunch time, Nazhan nk makan. Selalu susah gila nk makan, time xboleh makan ni, nk makan la plk. Since Nazhan taknak minum air campuran 100 plus even yg xikut nisbah doktor, abah suapkan nasi
kosong dgn kuah sayur. Kalau muntah pun tak la sakit sangat.

Lepas makan baru Nazhan tertidur. Ibu boh ubat punggung and lap badan dia. Alhamdulillah, suhu turun. Petang xnak mandi plk tp dah tak kisah badan dilap-lap. Oklah, kita lap2 badan dan tukar baju tidur.

Bila abah balik kerja petang, Nazhan dah ceria sedikit. Sekarang, tgh layan movie. Gaya macam nk tidur awal tp bukan boleh kira anak teruna ibu ni. Abah dia yg nak tidur dulu gayanya ni.

Mudah mudahan, ya Allah Nazhan cepat sembuh dan ceria kembali. Hopefully tak berjangkit dengan org lain dlm rumah ni. Amin..

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My little sister

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Comei tak dia?

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Induced labour

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Alhamdulillah, my baby was savely born on 26th January 2010. She is so beautiful and today she is 7 days old.

Here, I would like to share about her birth story. The story is long but I'll make it short, cut here and there so that people will not get bored.

12.25pm: I'm done with the induced procedure. The gynae insert a prostin gel inside my vagina. The experience more or less like this . However, I'm so clueless about the after effect. Actually, its less painful when you lay down compare to walk.

6.30pm: My contractions were still low according to CTG. A nurse reported to my gynae through a phone call and she expected maybe it's gonna be tonite or tomorrow.

7:45pm: The contractions suddenly so intense. It's happen every 1,2 or 3 minutes gap.

9pm: I took a bath before performing Isyak. Konon nak warm bath to soothe my contraction tp air tak warm pun. Then I asked the nurse to put on CTG and after that she checked my opening. At the same time, Nazhan and my husband drove home to take my mom and her maid to accompany Nazhan later when I in labour room. Surprisingly, the opening was just 2-3 cm. She kept asking whether i wanted a pain relief like epidural or an injection at my butt- the injection will make me sleepy.

Aaahh, why did she asked. When everyone arrived and Nazhan already felt asleep, I told them I wanted an epidural and need to go to the labour room. I walked to the labour room slowly with my husband and my mom.

10.30-11.10pm: Arrived at labour room. The contractions were so intensed. I was struggling but managed to calm down while waiting for the procedures to complete while my husband was waiting outside, well thats what i thought.

11.30pm: After 20 minutes, my legs started to feel numb but I could still feel the contractions, a little bit mild than before. The anesthetic specialist told that's ok and then he left. I asked the midwife to turn the CTG so that i could monitor it as well. I told her when i had my first baby, I had a full opening without nobody realized. She ignored my request and said that CTG cannot tell how big is your progress. Then she left and I asked her to get my hp from my husband as he actually not waiting outside but took care of Nazhan who suddenly awoke and cried.

There was another nurse or junior midwife who stayed with me. Just few minutes after, I started to feel a stronger contraction. When I asked her to get the anesthetic specialist, she said he already left. When I kept demanding, she called someone but they gave the same answer.

I hold her hand tight. I asked her to get my husband. She called someone and conveyed my need. Then I feel 'seram sejuk' and told her to checked my temperature as I thought I might had a fever and it could dangered my baby.

11.40pm: The midwife who left before came back. She said my husband took my son for a ride to get him sleep. She then checked my opening and guess what it happen again. I'm all set as my opening was full. I asked her to call my gynae immediately and somehow I started to cry.

11.45pm: My husband arrived and clueless why I'm crying. My son still outside the labour room alone. I told him I'm ready for labour and send Nazhan away quick. They also gave me 'gas' and that's help a lot. I started to calm down slowly. I told the midwife that's my water still not brake yet and as usual she told me not to border about all that.

My gynae arrived. I could feel the baby slowly came down. At this moment, I didn't feel any pain at all but I could feel the baby pushing herself slowly and smoothly and people around me could see her head. When Doc told me to push harder, I told her I did not push yet. So she started counting and I started pushing. However I'm not pushing hard enough and she told me to cough few times. Only then the baby succesfully came out at 11.58pm. Fuuhhh..

I'm so thankful and relief for the save delivery until I forgot to ask whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Only after a while, when the doc asked "Scan dulu apa ya?". My husband answered " x nampak". Then only I asked "Baby boy ka girl?" and the answered was "Girl". So again and again I kept saying Alhamdulillah for the greatest gift, God had sent to me.

Here are some pictures of her, our little angle, Iris Nazurah Binti Norshaiful Azril. Now, kami sudah berempat :)

Abang Nazhan yg tetap ingin dimanjakan

Breastfeeding again

Sleeping like an angle

Hi everybody. I'm on burping session on ibu's shoulder.


Which one is in confinement really?