Shopping cut

11:03 PM ida ahmad 1 Comments

I had so many plans back in Penang. A lot of shopping list to do and a few shopping malls to explore. But my sweet little Nazhan was not so cooperative towards the agenda. Again n again your stroller just functioning as a shopping trolley while abah had to hold u when u were not sleeping and u were not sleeping most of the time or should I say every time. Errmm..there was one time that u were sleeping but we leave your stroller at home bcos we were hoping that we can just used your cousin's stroller that already in the car. ha ha..blame us for that. The stroller was for older baby not suitable for u as it can't be flatten. As the result, abah had to hold u all the way.

Despite of that still u’re not in good mood. Perhaps I can conclude that 60%-70% of the time we spent at the malls was at musalla or baby room to BF and change ur dypers. I guess there goes my hobby of window shopping when u were around which were all the time. ha Nazhan..was that want u were trying to tell ibu???

The best thing about all this, ibu felt more encouraged to BF in public. It because when u're crying we thought u're hungry while at the same time I was so starving too. So I dun have time to look for baby room just to BF u. Hoh yeah..and dats was really the turning point.


Mommy Lyna said...

ida you might want to try babywearing while shopping. surf this webbie :

and osso try:
before kuar jalan2 pesan kat nazhan that we are going to jalan2, please dont buat hal & please isap susu kenyang2 before kita sampai supermarket.