Gold Coast 1st Day

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I consided this day as 1st day as when we arrived it was already dark and no exciting activity we did. Here we go again...

Very nice and clean bus stop

That day we planned to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Actually berangan nak p Australia Zoo, the home of crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin tu, tapi agak jauh. So p yg dekat aja. Zoo ni antara Burleigh Heads dengan Coolangatta Airport. Entry fee pun cheaper than Australia zoo. We even got cheaper price when we bought ticket through Sunloverholidays website, 50% less for 2nd adult.

We went there by public bus. We bought 3 days ezy pass that cost AUD26 per adult. You can buy the pass from the bus driver of Surfside Buslines. Actually there are few options to go around Gold Coast. Whether by public bus like us, cab, tourist shutter including airport transfer and theme park transfer or rent a car.

Sleeping koala bear

Possum photography shoot

Nazhan was quite frustrated because we disturbed his slepping time. When we arrived there, we already missed few animal shows. We bought sandwiches from zoo's cafe and started walking. Although Nazhan was a bit sleepy, he stay awake for the rest of the shows and only fall asleep when we on a train on the way back to the zoo entry. So, we stopped at the kangaroo crossing to take pictures with him sleeping in his stroller.

Nazhan fall asleep on a train ride

Only with lazy kangaroo..saya berani

After done small shopping at the sourvenier shop, we wanted to have lunch and decided to go to Pasific Fair but it quite far away from Currumbin. While waiting for a bus, we saw a road sign of Tugun Shopping Center and Tugun is just nearby according to the map. So, we changed our planned to go to Tugun and thought that the shopping center is like a shopping mall.

Since we were not sure where we should stop, we asked the bus driver to stop for us when we arrived. Oh yes, all the bus drivers that we met in Gold Goast were very friendly and polite. So did the people there.When i'm busy looking at the bus route near the bus stop, somebody will ask where we wanted to go and they will assist us in anyway they know.

When we arrived at Tugun shopping center, we were quite puzzled. Its because we can't find any big mall. It were just blocks of shops. Luckily there was a groceries shop too. So we went in and bought some groceries first. We planned to cook for breakfast and dinner so that we can go out late tomorrow morning and don't have to go out for dinner after a day long tour. We had a late lunch at Hungry Jack which is exacly like Burger King and ate a vegetarian burger.

After let Nazhan played at their playground, we took a bus ride to our apartment. Opss, we missed our bus stop...huhu and had to walk a bit far to our apartment. Wut a long walking day. Really something to bare in mind next time.

Actually, we could cross the road and wait for another bus at zero cost since we got unlimited rides for 3 days. However, since the nearest bus stop and our apartment sama aja jauhnya, we decided to walk home slowly. Very slow since kaki dah kematu and perut dah memboyot.

Hehe..Well, adventures is out there! With thumbs up like kartun Ups. Just stay tune for the 2nd day adventure!!!