Belly Belt for Mommy

9:10 PM ida ahmad 1 Comments

Biasalah bila perut dah boyot, seluar memang tak muat. Jadi ibu pun create this belly belt. With this, i can still wear all my pants, IAllah. However, this design only suitable with pant or skirt that already have belt holder and also thight and butt that still fit you. Just that, the waist not fit you anymore.

I use a t-shirt kind of fabric that i bought at bundle stall at pasar malam for rm1. Here's how i did it.

1. I cut one side of the shirt starting from the bottom to the height of my belly so that when i wear, it can cover from zip part to top of my belly.
2. The bottom part of the shirt will be the top part of the belly belt. Just sew 2 buttons at both end.
3.Then put an elastic through the existing hole.
4. Cut few small hole at both end of the elastic so that you can adjust the belt and wear it for longer time.

Tara, its done. You can wear it by button up the elastic to your pant or skirt belt holder.


nor shafina said...

hi, i tak faham la camana nk buat belly belt tu.. can we chat at ym. myself