Gold Coast 2nd Day @ Movie World

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Our second destination in Gold Coast was Movie World. We bought Summer Pass that cost AUD99 per adult from myfun website. This pass allows us for unlimited entry untill 30 June 2010 to Movie World and Sea World theme parks.

We arrived late because we missed the direct public bus to the park. The last bus that passed through our bus stop was at 9.40am. That because the park is open from 10am, so they aspect visitors will be there by that time. We did asked the receptionist at our apartment, she said the bus operated till 11am. I guess she never took the public bus. Huhu.. Because of that we need to take 3 buses and only arrived at 1pm.

Alhamdulillah sampai juga, after all the struggles and long journey. We decided to spend time at Kids' Zone first since Nazhan seem very tired and thought that, we can spend time for ourselves when he fall asleep later.

Muka tak puas hati bila kena turun

Tweety Cage Ride

Cool down at Splash Zone

After having fun at Kids' Zone, we had a buffer lunch. I forgot the name of the restaurant, probably Rick's Cafe American. It have Halal certificate. Around 3.30pm, there was a Star Parade. The stars include Batman, Cat woman, Scobby Doo, Shrek and many more.

The handsome shrek


Apa tah nama kucing ni dgn bugs bunny

After that, we had a 4D shrek show. While in the waiting area, Nazhan was fall asleep at last. Thank God. Otherwise, maybe we can not enjoy the show at all. By the way, the show was awesome.

That Shrek show finished at 4.20pm and the park will close at 5pm. Ha ha. Thats all the time left for us to shop. So, manage your time well. Maybe you need to stay longer in Gold Coast and spend more than a day in the Movie World because thats a plenty of adventure rides they offer.