Gold Coast 3rd Day @ Pasific Fair & Sea World

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On the 3rd day, we planned to visit Sea World. So we catched a bus to Pasific Fair. On the bus, Nazhan looked very sleepy, making us to change our plan to hang out at Pasific Fair before took another bus to Sea World. Pasific Fair consisted of a huge supermarket and blocks of shops as well. We just went around to shop for sourveniers and had a delicious kebab for breaklunch and also took a way a large kebab to eat at the Sea World.

Pasific Fair

From my short observation, the price offered at the sourvenier shop here compared to the Currumbin Zoo was not much different. Some of them were cheaper at the zoo. Meanwhile, Nazhan was very much awake until we went out from the mall. Ha ha..another miscalculation.

Sea World

Nonetheless we savely arrived at the Sea World. It was great and huge park. We started by visiting aquarium and shark exhibition. Then we prayed jamak takdim. There was a prayer room here and also at Movie World. We missed a dolphin show but still able to watched them very close.



Since Nazhan was sleeping, abah took the oppurtunity to try out their Jet Rescue Ride. It took more than 20 minutes i guess until his turn. Thank God, Nazhan only awake when it was already his turn. Otherwise i dun know how to carry the heavy bagpack while chasing Nazhan around and crying for his abah.

Jet Rescue Ride

After that, we sat for another delicious kebab while Nazhan just had an energy bar while waiting for a stingray show. Energy bars had been his main survival and snack since he arrived here as he refused to eat bread, rice and spaghetti that i prepared.


The stingray show was interesting. They were so looking forward to be feed by visitors that they frequently emerged on the surface. After spent sometimes there, we walked to see a peguin show as Nazhan love to see Peguins of Madagascar cartoon very much. While waiting for the show to start, we did a little shopping.

Sesame Street Theatre

Only after that, we visited the kids park and Nazhan did tried all the rides they offered at least two times for all. We really had a great time there. We walked back to the main entry nearly 5pm and had a last stop at the sourvenier shop near the gate.

6 wheels drive ride

Flight ride

Heli..nampak tak tangan pilot comei tu dok lambai?

We had really great time in Gold Coast and the people there was so friendly. It has been a very nice holiday for three of us. The next day, we actually booked a taxi to the airport but we when out 5 minutes late. I'm not sure whether the taxi did come or not. So, we waited for a public bus to send us to the bus stop near the airport where there was a free shuttle to the airport. Luckily we still on time and savely on board to fly back to Malaysia. :))