Moving out

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After 7 months of what i called 'transit', we're finally moving to our own home. Done few things yesterday that i hardly do when husband was not around.

My hero is back!

1st sent Nazhan's bike for repair, which had broken seat when he was not even cycle it after got it for his 2 years birthday from abah's colleagues. Got the seat and handles lowered and pumped the tires as well for RM7.50 at BM.

Next got Pneumococcal 2nd shot for Iris. Poor girl. She just slept but awake after got shocked by the shot. She is 8kg now, just few days before reach 10th months.

Then picked up my mother from her facial treatment. Me myself didn't even has a chance to pampered myself like her. I hope i have the oppurtunity after we're settle down at our home later.

When we got home, Nazhan was asleep. I left Iris with his father and got out to get our last piece of siling light for our new home and few bulbs for my mom as well. Forgot to get plastic supply for my side income...sigh**. I am supplying medicine plastic kind of bag for Shaklee Trial Pack.

Just one stop and i hurried back home. Iris was quite cracky when i arrived and when i'm in
the process to get her to sleep, my husband went out to her mom to send my computer.

Tomorrow another day to rock.

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