Solid for Iris

9:14 AM ida ahmad 0 Comments

Its so hard to get her to eat. This is my challenge. All my kids dun like their solid like other kids that eat like no tomorrow. She dun like a smooth texture of her solid but enjoy a cut of fruits instead. She maybe having a teething period now. She likes to put into her mouth every things she found.

I'm changing from blended rice porridge with carrot into pumpkin now. Alhamdulillah, she eat it although in very small amout. There was one time, i tested her with a mashed chocolate raisin bread from Garnenig mixed with my milk and she loved it. Oh no, this girl. She chooce to eat a very sweet food. I cant let her do it since she just 6 months. Futhermore she very chubby already. If I let her, i maybe promote her to become an obese baby.

I hope i can provide her a nutritious solids that she enjoy them very much.