Heating and Thawing Homemade Baby Food

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Microwave way
Transfer the cubes to a glass bowl and then thaw them in the microwave. Be sure to stir food to ensure no hot-pockets are left to burn baby. Always warm baby food cubes in a glass bowl and not in plastic containers as research indicates glass is safer.

Refrigerator way
Transfer the cubes to a storage container and let the cubes thaw in the refrigerator. You may thaw your baby food cubes in the refrigerator over night. Ensure that the cubes remain a closed container and not in an uncovered bowl.

Submersion or Warm Water Way
You may also place the cubes in a small bowl and then place the bowl in a larger bowl filled with hot water. Thawing baby food cubes using this "submersion method" should take between 10-20 minutes. You can also do this with a pan of warm water on the stove; add the smaller bowl to a pot of water that you have warmed.

  • Thawing food on your kitchen counter is never recommended as bacteria or other contaminants may get into the food.
  • You should not feed your baby from the container and then re-store the container that baby has been fed from. Saliva may contaminate the food and bacteria may evolve. Always take the portions you will serve from the container and transfer to a feeding bowl.
  • Please keep in mind that reheating baby food cubes is NOT necessary. Baby food cubes may be served at room temperature once they have been thawed. Many babies enjoy room temperature foods.
  • Thawed homemade baby food may safely be kept in the refrigerator for 72 hours maximum.