Membrane sweep

1:27 PM ida ahmad 0 Comments

I'm done with membrane sweep which I personally request for it. I hope it help to stimulate the labour. Oh, I really want a natural labour. It is my fault I guess. I'm a bit late in studying how to induce a natural labour.

That's a few suggestions on how to do it but it should help me a lot if I did it consistently earlier. However, I just tried them after i nearly passed my due date.

I want to ask more to the doctor on how they will perform induced labour at the hospital. There are few methods whether by using membrane sweep, prostaglandin(tru vagina) enema(tru butt), syntocinon(drip) and water breaks. A single , combination methods or maybe end up by c-sec if still cannot induce a labour are all I knew.

However, when I arrived at the hospital at 10.30am, it's already end of visiting hours. Luckily the doctor was still there and willing to see me. I only asked whether they perform membrane sweep as one of the procedures for induced labour, and she said yes. Then she offered me to do it straight away.

Well, the swept was tough but it's over now. The doctor seem not confident with it. She said only few had progress after did it. In my case, there is no opening yet and the door is still tightly shut up. Why baby? Why?

About other questions, I forgot to ask as I'm still in great pain when I finished the swept. Huhu:(:(