40 weeks and still hanging there

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Today, we went for another checkup. Baby is great. Alhamdulillah. My placenta however already have white spots. Dunno what it means, but my guess is, it's a sign of maturity.

Meanwhile, the amniotic fluid maintain in good level. Baby weight is estimated at 3-3.1kg. My gynae advised me to get induce if there is no symptom of delivery after 3-4 days of the due date which is 22nd. It's because the baby will get bigger while I'm just a little mom. Perhaps it can cause a complication during delivery.

Currently my health is in tip top as my mom already here with her maid. So I can get enough rest while all the house choas is taken care. Thanks a lot.

Abang Nazhan is in process to get along with tuk. He need to stay at home when i'm in the labour room later or maybe they will accompany him at hospital room. Nowadays he don't want to take a day nap. Yesterday, he stayed awake for 12 hours straight, 9am-9pm. Today, wakeup even earlier at 7.15am and still awake till now. Standby not to be leave out, maybe. Hehe..