1 day overdue

9:42 AM ida ahmad 0 Comments

Today is my 1st day overdue. Oh, i'm so scared. After done some research, i'm not into induced labour after all. Maybe if i really need it, i also asked for epidural which actually i want to skip this time.

My niece born after 40 weeks and 4 days, but not induced. Why i need induced labour within the same period? Am my body really not capable for natural labour beyond that given period? This is my 2nd one. Perhaps although the baby quite big, i can still handle it right.

Today, i'm going for another checkup without earlier appointment. I just want to check on my baby, since i'm worried about her condition since yesterday i felt down in the toilet but not really hard one, but still terhempas punggung in slow motion. After that, i had pain at my bottom, need to put some oilment every time.

Oh, i need to stop now since i want to go out for that checkup.