My friends

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Yesterday, Hafiy came to my house to return my termometer. He look healty, just recovered from his fever. I'm happy that he spent some times at my house, playing with my toys, although he ignored me most of the time. I myself just entertained him once a while since i'm watching cartoon at the same time.

After that, ibu took me to his house to visit his brother Fahry. He is so cute and tiny. He is a good boy as well. He welcomed us with a shout but a warmth one. Ibu had a chat chit with Aunt Lina while i continued watching cartoon. Then, i thought abah was home but he was Hafiy's . I suddently missed abah. I want to play ball with him on this fine evening. So i cried to warn ibu. I knew it was quite embarrassing but i had to. I cannot waste this fine evening. It had been raining everyday since past few weeks.

After a while, abah arrived to pick us. Yeah.. I can play football again. When i'm out for play, Hafiy came and joined me. He dun know how to kick a ball yet since he lack of training but he very good at picking ball. Later on, i hope Aqif will join us. He just get back from Shah Alam. Maybe busy with cleaning his house. Aqif much more better than me at football. He good at kicking and picking ball u know. Can't wait till i can walk. Maybe we'll have a team of cute little kiddos. He he..I'm so happy!