New Me

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As i reached 1, i need my MMR shot. So, on the weekday nite, we went to Dr. Cheah. She is my new paed. Ibu really want to change from our previosly paed since the paed dun do much for the past shots. He just gave the shots and nothing had been asked or checked. If we asked anything, the answer always positive, nothing to worry. When i got my 11months shot in Penang, for JE 2, the doc did a few check ups on me and asked few questions. He also quite worry about my weight. Thats the turning point actually why ibu really want to change paed once we come back to Miri. 

And it worth it. Now i'm taking Appeton and Ketotifen on altenate day. Its really boost up my appetite although its actually a multivitamins supplement. Now i'm getting heavy and bulat.. ha ha ha.. Both my parents are very happy as i lepak2 aja finish my meal. Everything look delicious to me.

As a new year fashion, here is my new hair cut. Ibu said I'm looked like a tomboy because of my bulu mata yg melentik ni and most tomboy cut their hair like this army style. Then she also said I'm just like Hayki, my cute little uncle. So i decided not to have this kind of hair style again as i dun want to be alike to anybody else.

Macho tak saya?

Happy new year to every one. Hope we can change to be a better person. And dun forget to pray for the Muslims in Palestine.