13 months

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I'm 13 months old now. Hehe, still not walking. No worry be happy! I only should be worry if i still cant walk when i reach 18 months. Am i right ibu? Still, i love to explore my home.

You're not mad at me right ibu?

What? Just join me will u

The other day i went to Aqif's house. He love to dance. I never thought i can dance that well. Maybe because of the dance partner so it made me more excited. Ibu did captured it in video mode but i don want to share it. He he.

But my regular activity is to kick a ball evening time. If the weather is not ok, i'll just kicking in the house. Lately terasa malas nk main bola sangat. After few minutes dah penat and play with fence or ride abah's bike pulak. Need more stamina i guess. Hu hu..

Huh huh..training training

My new football. But its gelong a bit.

Meanwhile, Ibu had planted back her Chilli. This pokok dah nak mati when we been in Penang for a long vacation. The original plan was to plant a brand new spinach, however this one is still survive. So we just replanted it nicely and kicked away all the rumput yg menumpang. Unfortunately, few days after that, this chilli dah hidup segan and mati mau. Maybe, i'll snap the pic later on.