1 year old celebration

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I'm one year old and a toddler now. Yippee.. I'm so happy :D. Although i still cant walk but i felt grown.  Ibu cooked very special nasi lemak on my birthday (ambik hati ja ni) Only the next day, my parents belanja me at Secret Recipes. The foods, drinks and cakes there were so yummy. I enjoyed them all very much (looking forward to be there again) After that, i got the chance to choose my own birthday present at Toy World. So, i got myself an alphabet train. It so cool and I'm so into it. It have 3 modes of play; floor, walker and ride on.

Hmm..  now I'm 1 but i still using my baby babble language. He he.. still not calling ibu and abah to my parents.  But i can clap my hands when they sing 'If u're happy and u know it' song or whenever they say 'pandai' to me, raise my hand when they call my name, salam cium tangan with people (except Uncle Yakin, as he is not handsome enough) and do twinkle twinkle little star. I'm still trying to balance myself but just managed to stand up without support for few seconds. I'm also a good kisser :X. I will let my parents kiss my forehead or when I'm good enough i'll kiss them when they say 'muah'.

can i get this one also? pleaseee..

Oh..i forgot to mention one thing. Before we went for lunch that very day, my car broke down. The battery was kong. Thank you to Uncle Yakin, for saving the day. However abah only change the battery the next day since after the jump start, he wanted to test it for a day whether it really kong or not. Thank God every thing went well for my birthday celebration.

P/S: Muahss to abah and ibu :x :x :x