Expressing Milk Again

4:02 PM ida ahmad 0 Comments

Its been a while since my last expressing milk experience. That was at the time i wanted to start solid to Nazhan and i added some of my milk to the food. After a long time, i have to start again since i am trying to look for a job now.

So, few days ago, i left my boys at home for half day and my little boy refused to drink my delicious milk. Is it delicious? I dun know. But according to my husband, after he warmed it up, it started to berketul-ketul just few minutes later. Why? It supposed to be ok for the next 2-4 hours right.

This will going to be a great challenge for me. I need to study again from A-Z about EBM. After that, if i really going to work, we need to find Nazhan a nursery who accept kid his age and EBM friendly.