3D 2N at Kota Kinabalu Part 2

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This 2nd part i just make it short & simple.

2nd day at KK, we spent time at Sunday Market along Gaya Street. This street open from 5.30 am - 1 pm every Sunday. Nazhan not in good mood today because it quite hot around there and he so easily get sweat.

I'm the sweaty boy

KK Sunday Market

From Sunday Market, we walked to Fish Market using the jejantas. We tapau our lunch from the food court on the 2nd floor that took a taxi back to our hotel.

On the bridge @ jejantas

Budget lunch

After had lunch and some rest, we went for a swim since Nazhan seem not sleepy yet. Only after the fun swimming activity, Nazhan fall aslept. I took the oppurtunity to go to Filipina Market @ Central Market and hoping will be back before his next feeding.

When i'm back around 6.30 pm, he still sleeping and only woke up when we wanted to go for dinner at 8pm. The next day, we went back to Miri by 1pm flight while abah stayed in KK for his assessment and took a night flight back home.