3D 2N at Kota Kinabalu Part 1

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Last Monday was my birthday,2nd March and the next day was my husband's. So we decided to have a short break in Kota Kinabalu last weekend since he had a work at KK on that Monday.
We woke up at 6am, Saturday to catch a 8.15 flight by Air Asia while my husband took a MAS flight at 8.30am. Originally we thought we could all fly by AA, however because of company policy we are forced to change the plan. So that was the very first time for Nazhan and myself to fly without abah.

Together as one

For the past few days, I prayed for our smooth and save journey and Alhamdulilllah He heard me. Nazhan was being so nice and well behaved. I checked-in his stroller and carried him using a carrier and just a bag pack behind. Half way, Nazhan already fall asleep and less than 1 hour, we savely arrived at Terminal 2, KK. He just woke up when we were waited for his stroller.

Hi there. I'm Nazhan

While waiting for abah to pick us up, we had a breakfast at KFC and of couse a window shopping. Only after about an hour, Abah arrived at Terminal 1 and took a taxi to pick us up and together we went to the hotel. We already made reservation at Promenade Hotel for 2 nights. 1 night will be charge to the company :) Luckily the room was ready and we checked-in at 10am in the morning.

To continue the adventure we decided to walk to Jesselton Point. From my reseach it was just a walking distance from Le Meridien and we could see Le Meridien from our hotel. Plus, we need to buy ration for our picnic. O yes, Jesselton Point is a boat terminal to go to nearby islands called Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Parks and there are few islands in it.

We stop at Guardian, Warisan Square to buy ration and continue our journey. When we passed by Le Meridien, we decided to have lunch at a restaurant, exactly in front of Filipina Market. From there, we asked people wether its still far away or was there any bus to go there. From 1 person, he said it still far and better take a taxi. Another lady said it just near and there has a bus to go there, no 1 to Likas. Selamba, we chose the 2nd opinion and believed it was near already. Bus no.1 was just passed by :(( and we thought it gonna be longer to wait so we continue our adventure by walking.

At last, we arrived at Jesselton Point. We chose to go to 1 island only, Manukan Island. Below is the package available and maybe it was not the cheapest but we dun have energy to survey or fight for better deal. We need to pay extra rm6 per adult for jetty fee and another rm3 per adult at the island.

Package available at Jesselton Point to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

To spice up some more, we did not have enough money. My husband already said he want to withdraw some money but I said no need since I have hundreds already. Carelessly, i just brought less than rm50 and left the rest in safety box at the hotel. So, he had to walk back to the nearest ATM about 5-10minutes away. Blame on me.

Nazhan was sleeping on the way to Jesselton Point and he only woke up when i want to put sunblock on him. We took a boat at 1pm and agreed to be back at 4pm. We need to have this arrangement with the boat person. The boat journey was so jumpy and Nazhan start crying the 1st time he was on the boat. Its not just because he afraid but also he angry as we keep disturbing his sleeping time.

Finally we safely arrived at Manukan Island. The journey took about 20minutes, people said. I lost count already. Nazhan so monyok. He refuse to stay on the beach but stay on my laps. My husband and me took turn to snorkel. Only after 2-3 trips of snorkeling, he want to play happily.

Tunjuk perasaan

Ceria akhirnya tapi still jual mahal dengan camera

At about 3pm, rain started pouring down. Many people who came earlier than us were going back. So, we were so lucky not to sesak2 with people at the public wash room. However, we just managed to snap few pictures at the beautiful beach. Ha ha.. Never mind, the experience and enjoyment were far more priceless.

Manukan Island-Best for snorkeling activity

At 4pm, we were in boat back to Jesselton Ponint and Nazhan fall asleep again. We tapau our dinner at Nasi Padang Ibu, a restaurant at the terminal and took a taxi back to the hotel. Haha, although it came to my mind to take a bus back, my husband said, enough adventure for today.

Jesselton Point