I'm learning

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I just have to point or take abah's hand and drag him to places i want to go and abah will bring me there such as to the hi-fi or fridge. Sometimes, when abah tired to play with me anymore, only then i turn to ibu. But with ibu, i play something else, less power consuming. Abah also introduce me to play hide and seek in the dark room. I believe because of the training, i'm not afraid of the dark. But sometimes when they switch off the light, i could not help myself to just cry. Not because i'm afraid but i'm not finish playing yet.( Of cos thats when the clock already over 12am)

I also learn to keep things in save place like my flash cards under carpet(also spilled food), my sippy cup inside tv cabinet and my toys into my alphabet train container (abah's bluetooth adapter, keys, etc). Sometimes, when i start playing my 'toys', ibu swaps it with something else while distracting me. She think i didn't realize about that huh.

I dont like when they angry with me. When they scold me, i will make my tears come out so that they will stop scolding me. Sometimes, when my will is denied, i will throw everything in front of me. Wahahahaha.. Please la kan..Thats so many things i let them decide for me like what time should i take my bath, what cloth should i wear, so just let me decide by my own when i want to stop eating or stop playing or something else as well..

That is one thing that i manage to take over ibu. That is her IPod Touch. I just knew that, she initially request that IPod so that, she can browse when she breasfeeding me. However, that thing is all over me now. I'm the want who watch videos when i'm being breastfed. Ha ha ha ha >:)

My awek to be - Atirah, anak aunty Sue and Aswad. Aren't we cute together?