Earth day, every day

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Can you see i'm taking care of my chili? Dah banyak cili kelihatan, right. I think i gonna be such a great modern farmer. Ibu was the one who planted it, but i help her in taking care of her plants. I water and gembur2 them nicely. We have pokok kunyit, serai, chilis, bawang and pokok daun sup as well. He he.. sorry dunno exactly their names but i'm sure you get it. Actually ada pokok bayam tertanam sebelah pokok cili ni tapi tak tumbuh2 pun lagi. Later on, we want to replant pokok pandan as well. But our neighbour yg ada pokok pandan ni, asyik tenggelam timbul aja. So still postponing our plan. So, to all my friends, lets start planting now. Lets together make our earth, green again for our own future.