Iris @ 4 months plus

12:32 PM ida ahmad 0 Comments

My girl is still chubby. Hehe, make me always want to smell, kiss and bite her cheek. And she loves and laugh when i do it. She is 6.4kg last time i checked. She can grasps her feet now. However, she hardly wants to turn from tummy to back or vice verse. Maybe just once each i saw she did it. She also drools a lot.

Now she likes to demand to pick her up especially when she can't see me or her brother. I guess, she already realize that, sometimes we leave her behind and go out. Starting this week i have guts to bring she and her brother out by car. I will put her on my brother's baby car seat on the back and Nazhan in front in his car seat as well.

Iris always a good girl when i'm driving. I'm so lucky to have these 2 beautiful and cool children.

Good girl Iris

Exhausted Nazhan