2months plus

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Just a short notes on my kids development. Iris was 5.1kg on her 2 months checkup, 600g gain from her 1st month. Now she's able to smile, hold her head when put on her tummy and babbles when I talk to her. Her head, hands and legs movement also good and improving. She can grabs my fingers when i breastfeed her and rub her face or ear when she feel itchy.

Meanwhile Nazhan is interested in learning. He gradually want to follow the sound he heard. I'm so pleased to see his improvement and hoping that he will not lost his interest and talk properly soon. Now he starts two new habits; squeeze my body expecially on fat parts (geram kot tgk gemuk sangat ni) and make my elbow rubbing his face. He also become very sensitive, sulk more often, sometimes with tears when we scold him even with soft voice.

That's all for now. Pray the best for my family.