1st immunization shot

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We went to 1 month immunization last Saturday. We waited for nearly 1 hour to get the 2 minutes shot. Luckily my pricesess behave so well.

The two of us were left at the clinik while abah, nazhan and tuk when to market. Just after a while, adik poop. Then again and again. Huhu. However there was so many patients and the toilet was not baby friendly.

So we waited and abah came to join us untill our turn. Adik was
weighted 4.5kg, 1.5 kg more than birth weight. Good for you dik. Hopefully you will keep gaining weight gradually and always in good health.

Actually that was your first outing since we brought you back from hospital. After that, we went to few places but you just waited in the car until at supermarket. You was awake for sometimes till fall asleep in abang's stroller. Hope that nazhan is ok with the handover of the stroller forever and ever.

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