New look of Iris

6:49 PM ida ahmad 0 Comments

My little Iris drink a lot of milk. I can confirm it since I express my milk regularly and I know the amount. Actually I prefer to breasfeed her directly but she either tend to fall asleep before empty my breast, take longer time to satisfy her and it cause my back in pain or we both fall asleep and my bra and shirt will get wet.

She also prefer one side to breastfeed as my other nipple is ermm.. no need to describe further here. But it need my hand to support it so she can latch it correctly.

However I'm also worry if she choose to breastfeed directly all the time later, as she may be not gain weight as she right now. This is because she can finish my milk that I express but can not empty my breast when breastfeed directly.

How haa? Will adjust accordingly to her weight gaining I guess. I really hope she get enough nutrition that she need and gain weight gradually. Please not be a picky eater when the time come and be a smart kid too.