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Heh..guess what? I'm pregnant again. Around 7 weeks by now. Its really a shocked for us. We never plan to be this soon. However Allah Penentu SegalaNya.


I was late for few days for my menstrual and then did the pregnancy test while my husband was away. When the 2nd line appeared,i just can't stop calculating. When he came back, i guided him to the bath room and when he found out, the reaction was not the happy face but not the really bad one either.But that only at the beginning. Now we are happy to accept a new member in the family. Hope we get a girl this time.

After abah came back, the next day he got sick. After he recovered, Ibu and Nazhan pulak. Every one of us had the baby blues, i guess. Hehe..

Well, i really hope this 2nd experience will make me stronger. Also no need to have the morning sickness or whut so ever since i have Nazhan to take care of now.

So far, belum muntah2 lagi. Just when i'm sicked last time, i had a heavy headache and made me to use koyok all over my forehead all night long. The next morning till today, the koyok's mark still obvious. I guess i allergic to it. This is the 1st time ever i'm allergic to something.

What gonna happen to my supply now?

During Gawai holiday, we just stayed at home. Boring gila. But that's not for long. Now, everyone is in good health again. Doa2 la ibu sihat selalu and thank you to my super hubby yang always willing to help in anyway he can.

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