Happy Mother's Day

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Merenung nasib dua beranak ni..

We went back to kampung for a week and spent time with my husband's families at his company's vacation house at Batu Ferrenghi last weekend.

Best Buddies

Instead of going back straight to Miri from Penang, we decide to drive to Shah Alam to met my brothers and celebrate Mother's Day together. So, last night we had a lovely dinner at Kelana Jaya and today before going back, we had another lunch.

Mother's Day Lunch

However, we were stranded at KLIA from 1.30pm till 8.40 pm. Its because when we arrived to check-in, the flight already over-booked, although our ticket already confirmed. So, we were recompensed to board with business class ticket with access to the golden lounge and also lunch coupons.

Golden Lounge @ KLIA

Luckily the lounge were occupied with kids corner and Nazhan can spent his time there with toys that i hope i can buy for him one day.

Kids' Corner @ Golden Lounge

Happy Mother's Day to every moms. This is my 2nd year as a mother. And for this year i get a fridge magnet from Nazhan that i chose myself and paid with his abah's money. Haha!!! I'll took a picture of it later.

Latest breaking news, our flight will be delay to 9.10pm. Grrrrrr....